Contact Information


Lindley Town Hall

637 County Rte 115, PO Box 62
Lindley, NY  14858
Phone/Fax: 607-523-8816


From I99 North:  Take the Presho Exit and then turn left.  At the T, turn right, onto County Rte 115 South.  Follow County Rte 115 South for approximately 6 miles.  You are looking for the brick building on your right with the United States Flag in front.

From I99 South:  Take the Lawrenceville Exit and then turn right, onto Route 49. When you come to the traffic light, turn left onto NY County Rte 115 and drive approximately 2.5 miles.  You are looking for a brick building on your left with the United States Flag in front.

Town Board:

Meetings Schedule:
Town Board Meeting: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Financial Reviews will start at 6:00pm
Regular Town Business will start at 7:00pm

Board Members:
Patrick Clark - Town Supervisor
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00-5:00 pm

Ron Mosher - Deputy Town Supervisor

Michael Crandall - Board Member

Tina Padgett - Board Member

Dave Fuller - Board Member

Town Clerk: - 523-8816


Erin Mosher

Office Hours:  

Regular Winter Hours (October 1st - June 1st):
1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
3:00-6:00 pm 

Regular Summer Hours (June 2nd - September 30th): By Appointment ___________________________________________________________
Code Enforcement Officer - 
Jonelle Pionessa

Office Hours:
By Appointment

Dog Control
Jerry Aldrich

Animal Cruelty
Steuben County Sheriff's Office

Highway Superintendent
Kevin Putman
Shop: 607-523-7294
Home: 607-523-7008

Deputy Highway Superintendent 
Dave Scouten

Karen Ballard

Julie Kuck, JP
Court email:
Court phone: 607-523-8388

Planning Board Chair 
Board Meetings:  Third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm
Earl Titus

Zoning Board of Appeals
Board Meeting: 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm, as needed.


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It's nice to have a site to go to and stay in touch with what's happening back "home," even though I am a couple thousand miles away haven't lived there in over 30 years! If you grew up in Lindley, it is always home.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, it's great to know people are seeing this! Glad you found this site :)

Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk

Unknown said...

I have been attempting to reach the number listed for court to no avail. I have called several times during the time listed and have not gotten through. Is there another phone number or another number to call?

lindleytc said...

Jennifer, I'm sorry, however at this time all contact must go through the phone number listed for the Court during the times offered: Tuesdays from 3:30 through 8:00 pm. There are often a high number of calls during this time and we are working on a solution.

Thank you,
Town of Lindley

Tarra said...

I was just wondering whether Monday's are still available to call. We have tried multiple times with every attempt being line busy.

lindleytc said...

Yes you may. The phones have been very busy today. Thank you.

janet said...

If I want to extend an existing leach field line do I need a permit?

lindleytc said...

Janet, Please contact the Code Enforcement Officer, Dave Fuller, at 607-207-6167 or visit the Town Hall on a Tuesday evening from 5:30-8:30pm. Thank you,
Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk

Unknown said...

I mailed out a full payment of a speeding ticket 3 weeks ago. It still has not come out of our account, im worried something happened and it got lost or something. we mailed it out in plenty of time but im afraid of being charged with late fees. I called and called and called. I can't get through. Can someone please let me know is it normal for it to take 3 weeks for the payment to come out of our account? Thank you

lindleytc said...

Dorothy, please contact the Lindley Town Court at for the time being and the Justice will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.
Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk

Unknown said...

I pray that things get better for this poor town. I have made several phone calls and emails regarding a speeding ticket. Mind you it was for 2miles over the speed limit and I plead not guilty. My 3yr.old daughter had diarrhea and went to the bathroom on the side of the road while the officer wrote the ticket. Yet I have not heard anything back nor been able to pay the fine. I guess they do reply to gain extta money. To work 3 days a weeks for 2 hours to earn money sotting at home. Best lesson I have learn is not 1.) This is the best place to make money while sitting at home 2.) Their officers have no sympathy for sick children. Be careful driving through and its like you won the lotto getting in contact with someone. GOOD LUCK!!

Anonymous said...

I mailed a payment of my speeding ticket (first ticket in over 18 years) over 2 weeks ago. Plenty of time for the payment to be received and processed by the 10/15/2016 deadline. To date my credit card has not been charged. I keep trying to call the listed phone number to find out what's going on and it just rings and I get a message that the memory is full and it hangs up! I don't want my license suspended when I did everything right!
Nicole Fullerton

Unknown said...

I've been trying to get in touch with someone regarding a traffic ticket for several weeks now. The voicemail box is full and no one answers the phone! I've sent multiple emails and gotten no response. This is utterly unprofessional and judging by other comments I'm not the only one this is happening too.

Unknown said...

I also have been trying to get in touch with someone at the court to make sure my traffic ticket response has made it to the court and is being processed. I live 5 hours away and do not want to have to drive up there to verify this. I am also getting no response from the phone line and memory full.

Unknown said...

I am in the same boat as you Nick. I live 5 hours away why is this phone never answered? I just need to know what to write on the money order where it says "pay to___" to send in this payment so my licence doesn't get annoying.

lindleytc said...

Court/Traffic business customers: Please continue to bear with the Lindley Town Court. There has been a staffing change. At this time you may now contact the Lindley Town Court at . Thank you for your continued patience.