Primary Elections will be held THURSDAY September 13th from 12:00-9:00 pm at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 Co. Rte. 115 Lindley NY 14858.

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Giant Hogweed located in Lindley

Please note, a section of Giant Hogweed has been located in Lindley. Please allow Steuben County Public Works to dispose of this plant properly and do not touch it as it can cause severe burns. If you come across Giant Hogweed, please contact Steuben County Public Works at 607-664-2460 so they may come dig it up and dispose of it.  Thank you.

Giant Hogweed

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Laces vs. Hemlocks vs. Giant Hogweeds

Queen Anne's Lace
Poison Hemlock
Giant Hogweed
Dense, flat-topped umbel (~5 in. diameter), usually with a purple flower in the center
Rounded umbel with flower clusters more spread out
Large, rounded umbel (~2.5 ft. diameter)
Hairy underside, matte, fern-like, and smells like parsley
Large and shiny with no hairs
Very large (~5 ft spread) coarse hairs underneath
Short, white hairs, no purple spots
Hairless, waxy, and purple spots
Purple spots and coarse, white hairs
Hairy, white, and smells like carrots
Hairless, purple blotches, and smells like mouse urine
Large, extensive taproot
Up to 4 ft. tall
Usually 3-8 ft. tall
Anywhere from 8-20 ft. tall
How to tell the difference between Queen Anne's lace, poison hemlock, and giant hogweeds by looking at the different plant parts.

Lindley Town Clerk