Lindley Town Court Office Closed Tuesday, July 3rd.

Please note that the Lindley Town Court Office is closed Tuesday, July 3rd.
Thank you.

Assessor Community Meetings June 20th and 21st

Dear Property owner:
The Town of Lindley has hired Maxwell Appraisal to update the Town’s
Assessments. Over the next few months we will be updating the property
information and taking photos. We will confirm all buildings size, condition,
 use and age. We will not go inside homes unless asked. This information will
 be mailed to you to confirm its accuracy. We will have several meetings
over the course of this project. The first ones are June 20thand 21st, 2018
 at 6:30 pm. We ask for last names beginning with A-M to come to the
 meeting on the 20th and the remaining property owners come to the
meeting on the 21st. The meetings will be held at the Lindley-Presho
Volunteer Fire Dept. at 9541 Tannery Crk. Rd, Lindley NY.14858
You may contact us at or 315-391-8323.
Michael Maxwell