Agenda-TB Meeting 11/9/2016

Meeting Date: 11/9/2016 Regular Town Board Meeting

1.Call to order


3.Attendance P.Clark, Supe.___ R.Snyder___R. Mosher__ G.Simcoe__ Kevin Tyler____

4.Reports Town Clerk_ Supervisor_ CEO_ Highway_ Historian_ Justice__DCO__


6.Minutes (Regular Meeting only)

7.Public Comments

8.Old Business

·  Appoint Filing Clerk for Nov and December as Contract Worker. Review and advertise for 2017 Court Staffing needs in December, 2016.
  •       JP Appointment from 12/11/2016 – 12/31/2016. 
  • ·      JP Appointment in January?
  • ·      Thinking ahead to Assessor appointment, Brenda to retire
  • ·      Review Jesse Wilson’s paperwork.
  • ·      Discuss payment for mileage for previous employee. No documentation included, but can match banking statements if reviewed.
  • ·      Storage- nothing new to report.
  • ·      Computer Security Update.
  • ·      Steuben Library – Hannah Little – Adult Library Services into Lindley.  Town Clerk has referred her already to LP-CAB.  Does Town Board have anything to add by way of what types of Library Services could be brought to rural Lindley?
  • ·      CPA Update, Joyce will continue to work on IRS. Can we have AUD reports done for 2013.2014 & 2015?
  • ·      Historian Position – Law that Town have Historian.  Advertise open position in December?  Can we get the pictures back up?
  • ·      Bending River Estates repayment update.
  • ·      CPE Labor bill for moving the receiver that was causing phantom alarms? – Ron
  • ·      Procurement Policy Local Law review to be scheduled. Look over 1993 edition and work on policy for Lindley in December?
  • ·      Executive Session for anything?

9.New/Emergency Business
·      Moratorium on Solar requested by Planning Board. Town of Wayne template to review.
·      Bailiff training reimbursement for 3 hours, from Justice contractual?
·      Motion to move $37,000 in highway accounts to cover end of year bills, Nov & Dec Health payments and payroll to end of year.
·      Motion to move $50 from DA5110.4 to DA5010.4
·      Motion to move $90 from DA5110.4 to DA5010.8
·      Motion to move $6194.12 from DA5110.4 and $6194.12 from DA5130.4 to DA9060.8 to total $12388.24

10. Bills


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