Regular Town Board Mtg Agenda 9/14/16

Meeting Date__9/14/2016__Regular Town Board Meeting__

Regular Town Board Meeting or Audit Meeting

1.Call to order


3.Attendance Town Supervisor.___ P.Clark, ___ R. Mosher__ G.Simcoe__ R.Snyder__ M.Stocum, Hwy__ Dave Fuller CEO___

4.Reports Town Clerk_ Supervisor_ CEO_ Highway_ Historian_ Justice_DCO__

·       Megan

6.Minutes (at Regular Meeting only)
·       2 meetings to read

7.Public Comments

8.Old Business
·       Appointment of Deputy Supervisor
·       Mixed-Use
·       Waiting on Cyber Security recommendations
·       Highway Union Negotiations Process Update
·       Copier vs printer; high volume printing quotes from Staples, Treu, Multi-Media.  Usherwood Bill and 2017 Contract is in.
·       Executive Session- continuation of 8/31 meeting session
·       Recording device for public meetings

9.New Business
·       Hwy Fund 2016
·       Hwy use of debit card
·       CPE bill
·       Wyatt Stocum letter of interest for vacant assessor position
·       NYS DOT mandatory Hwy physical is out-of-pocket expense… vote make these prepay vouchers in the future.
·       Swan Road abandonment request
·       Pantry of Angels visit re: 2017 budget request?
·       Southeast Steuben County Library school year vacations rural outreach program for elementary age students.
·       T. Wilson and Deputy Court Clerk job description/department needs update.
·       Budget preliminary review

10.Review Bills for Payment and do any transfers// or do Audits


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