Lindley Garage Sales 2016

To Town of Lindley Residents
Due to popular demand!
 There will be an annual Lindley Presho Garage Sales

However, there are many changes that will be put in place:

  1.  Each person will be responsible for their own sale.
  2.  There won't be any write up listing who has what, or a map.
  3.  Advertising will be done by each individual person or if a few neighbors want to go together and place an ad it will be up to them. 

Date:  still the same weekend Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7th from 7am-4pm.
I hope everyone can work together on this rather than have one person doing all the leg work etc.  As for advertising, one can put an ad in newspapers, make posters to place in stores, banks, places of work, post office, etc., signs on roads, email, your wall on Facebook, Facebook garage sale sites, craigslist, word of mouth etc.  Even if any of these places have more than one ad it will be fine because the more it gets out there the better.  Be sure and say Lindley Presho Garage Sales because this is the drawing card due to the number of years we have had sales and the number of people having sales.

Please copy and paste this message to send to others via message, Facebook wall or email.
If anyone wants to put the above information as a news item in the Addison Post, please do so.  Let me know any feedback or if you have any questions.  Hopefully we can have the sales again with each doing their part.
If you plan on having a sale, please let me know so when advertising is done, we can give a number of sales being held.

Thank you,
Mary Jane Semple



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