Lindley Democratic Primary Election Tuesday, September 9th

The Steuben County Board of Elections is holding a Democratic Primary Election at the Lindley Town Hall for the Following Candidates:  

Governor -
Zephyr R. Teachout
Andrew M. Cuomo
Randy A. Credico

Lt. Governor -
Kathy C. Hochul
Timothy Wu

Polls at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley NY, will be open from Noon until 9:00 pm.

Please note that the voter sign-in will be located in the hallway outside the Assessor's office, while the privacy booth and voting machine will be in the Assessor's Office.

Highway Improvement Committee Meeting August 27th

The Lindley Highway Improvement Committee will meet at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley NY 14858 on Wednesday, August 27th at 7:00 pm.  Spectators are welcome to attend.
David Ballard/Pat Clark Co-Chairs

Agenda - 8/20/2014 Town Board Audit Meeting

1. Call to order
G.Simcoe_ D.Ballard_ P.Clark_ R.Mosher_ R.Snyder
4.Reports Non due
7.Old Business
DCO according to John Kuehn J.Aldrich  insurance has been reinstated we have not yet received a letter of confirmation.
I talked with Palmesano,s office about Lindley sign. They will take the request to higher offices as needed. They don,t like us to call everyone as the issues get confusing if not done correctly.
Cemetery regulations discussion
Tracy our town justice would like another person added to her staff this person would be scheduled for 35 hours.Discussion
I brought in mailboxes for possible drop boxes
Sheriff David Cole will be at Sept. board meeting
Road Committee next meeting date
8.Audit Financial Records

Town Hall is back online

The Town Hall is back online and phone are working.  Thank you for your patience.

Power outage and phone lines

Please be aware that during the power outage, we were unable to answer the phone or obtain emails at the office.  Electricity is restored, however phones and email access remain unavailable.  Office is open from 9:00am until 1:00pm today if you need to speak with someone at the town hall.

Thank you for your patience.

Town Board Meeting 8/13/14 Agenda

1.Call to order
G.Simcoe_ D.Ballard_ P.Clark_ R.Mosher_ R.Snyder_ M.Stocum_
Town Clerk_ Supervisor_ CEO_ Highway_ Historian_ Justice_ DCO_
7.Old Business
DCO Insurance
Lindley Sign Update Jerry
Burned Peterbilt Update Marc
Drop Boxes Clerk and Justice Pat
Handouts on Cemetery Regulations To Be reviewed at Audit Meeting, Our Biggest Issue Will be Ashes
8.New Business
Pamela Aini Steuben Prevention Coalition Promoting Healthy and Safe Communities by Reducing Alcohol and
Drug use Among Youths
9.Review Bills For Payment