Agenda for Town Board Meeting Wednesday, July 9th at 7:00pm

1. Call to order
2. Pledge
3. Attendance
G.Simcoe_ D.Ballard_ P.Cl;ark_ R.Mosher_ R.Snyder_ M.Stocum_
4. Reports
Town Clerk_ Supervisor_ CEO_ Highway_ Historian_ Justice_ DCO_
5. Announcements
6. Minutes
7. Old Business
Jones @ Sons Made final payment of $17044.00 Will still be a bill for cord reels.
Burned Peterbilt has been taken to Utica General by Steuben County
DCO has supplied certificate of liability insurance
Dave and I met with Chris Giles of NYDOT and went over information they require on Lindley Kuhl bridge
CEO and DCO have been supplied recommendations for there monthly reports
8. New Business
Clerk and Justice outside drop boxes
9. Review bills for payment
10. Adjourn

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