Board Meeting Agenda for May 14th 2014

1. Call to order
2. Pledge
3. Attendance
   G.Simcoe_ D.Ballard_ P.Clark_ R.Mosher_ R.Snyder_ M.Stocum_
4. Reports
   Clerk_ Supervisor_ CEO_ Highway_ Historian_ Justice_
5. Announcements
6. Minutes
7. Old Business
    Dog Control Officer paperwork
    CEO Reports
    Jones and Son Funding
    Committee for Road Improvement
    Review rezoning amendment with schedule 1 [ The Town of Lindley Local Law #1 of the year 2005]
    will review recommended changes and schedule a vote at the May 21st Audit and Old Business Meeting.
    will also have to do SEQR report if there is a motion to move forward.
8. New Business
.  Arrange a walk thru for the board to inspect the new garage. Please bring your schedules with you so we
   can schedule a day and time.MAY HAVE TO SET THIS UP BEFORE MEETING
   Review for final payment to Jones and Son for building construction.
   Review quote for installation of overhead droplights and extension cord reels with groundfault breaker's. $2300.00
   I am trying to get insurance approval for the above.
   Review quote for utility, office, and breakroom framing, just sidewall and upright framing $2600.00 for 2x4
  construction or $2900.00 for 2x6 construction.
  Please note court income for January thru March is down $1000.00 . 
9. Review bills for payment
10. Adjourn

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