Town Board Agenda, 12/11/13

1.Call to order
G.Simcoe_ D.Ballard_ P.Clark_ L.Demun_ R.Mosher_ M.Stocum
Town Clerk_ Supervisor_ CEO_ Highway_ Historian_ Justice_
5.Announcements  : Megan
7.Old Business
Approve changes to Comprehensive Plan and forward to County
Jones and Son, had to replace sweep elbows at the building and the electric pole and had to run new power line from pole to building. $2300.00 this is over and above the building estimate as we didn't think we would have to replace these items. Also in addition the breaker box and breakers have to be replaced as the inspector will not pass anything that has been involved in a fire!
Jones and Son Pex tubing for floor heat in new shop $6040.00
Jones and Son Insulation and floor mesh for new shop $5000.00
Bending Rivers Property Taxes.
Section 4.1 Zoning amendments
8.New Business
Quote from Tanners Paws
Resolution to correct resolution of Sawyer Road.
2014 Budget correction for NYS Retirement fund discussion
Application for Code enforcement officer

Building delivery update Dec.20th. Check for $37500.00 due before truck unloads.

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