Agenda for September 11, 2013 Town Board Meeting

1.Call to order
Town clerk_Supervisor_CEO_Highway_Historian_Justice_
7.Old business
Jones bid on building replacement  $227944.00 a fter adjustments, (leavinng office area and breakroom unframed which also saves on electrical and other misc. items
Engine repair bid was awarded to Milton Cat for the amount of $18156.00
Pat Simcoe has resigned from the planning board so we have a vacancy and we have received one resume for the position.
8.New Business
Lindley Kuhl bridge Dave and I spoke with Chris Giles of NYS DOT he has since sent his recomendations on how to proceed, Chris also recommended we contact the county which I spoke with Steve Catherman.
John Kuehn of Sprague Insurance called they have not received an invoice and documentation for the replacement of the salt shed roof Megan is getting the information together so we can fax it to John.
9.Review and authorize bills for payment


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