Free Lindley Residents Computer & Electronics Recycling Collection Site, Lindley Town Hall - September 29th

ANNOUNCING:  The Town of Lindley is partnering with eWaste Alliance Network to offer a FREE Technology/E-Waste Drop Off  - Saturday, September 29th from 9:00am - 12:00 noon at the Lindley Town Hall Parking Lot, 637 US 15, Lindley, NY for Lindley Residents.

Lindley Residents may drop off any electronic waste items on the list below.  Kitchen appliances are excluded.  A bin will be provided and residents are asked to place any technology waste inside the bin.  The Town Clerk will be inside the Clerk's Office if you have any questions that morning. 

All televisions
Scanners, ink cartridges
Printers/fax machines
Network equipment
Keyboards, mice and computer accessories
Circuit boards, cabling and wiring
telecommunications equipment
audio/visual equipment
video game systems
cell phones, PDAs, IPODs
universal power supplies

any liquids/powders
air conditioners
kitchen/personal appliances
fluorescent lamps

[the eWaste Alliance Network service is offered in cooperation with Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery 888-563-1340]

Please call Megan Thistle, Lindley Town Clerk, with any questions - 523-8816


Anonymous said...

This is great! Not only our basements can be cleared from all the clutter, we can be of service to the community as well. Instead of the computers just collect dust and cobwebs, it can be used into something more helpful or useful.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for a good turnout. Thanks Dana! - Megan

Ethel Cole said...

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Melanie Holmes said...

Another means of recycling computer junk is to make something out of old PCs. We should all know that electronic wastes destroy the environment. Nice post!

lindleytc said...

Thanks Melanie - Residents filled 3 large bins and one pallet. We'll hold another in the spring sometime. Thanks to all who helped out! - Pat Clark, Councilman, and son; Dave Fuller, Code officer; Marc Stocum and Dave Scouten, Highway; Jerry Simcoe - Supervisor; Ted Walker and Dave Henry with the new highway.

Recycle computersUK said...
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