Agenda For Jan.18,2012
Call to order

Pledge to the flag

Reports; None due

Reading of the minutes

-Open public hearing regarding campers, camping, and campgrounds

-Close public hearing

-Vote on moratorium

-Open old business and audit meeting

---Agreement has been made with teamsters setting a $10.94 starting wage for the highway department for a term of 90 days effective 1/1/2012

-The recognition ceremony had a very good attendance especially considering the weather we had

-Appointment town council; Dave or Fran

-Appointment custodian; James Lundgren

-Regarding a special election the town must have a local law allowing a special election, the town of Lindley does not. Vicky from the board of elections said a special election would cost in excess of a $1000.00 the inspectors alone are $400.00 for a half day. She is not sure of a time table to set up a special election.


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