2013 Taxes at the Town Clerk Office


TAKE NOTICE that I, Megan E. Thistle, the undersigned Collector of Taxes of the Town of Lindley, County of Steuben, State of New York, have duly received the tax roll and warrant for the collection of taxes within the Town of Lindley for the year 2013 and that I will attend to my office in the Town Hall at 637 US 15, PO Box 62, Lindley, NY  14858 during the Tax Collection Office Hours:

MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY -  9:00 am to 1:00 pm;  THURSDAY – 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and SATURDAY -9:00 am to 12:00 noon during the months of January, February, and March. 

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that taxes will be collected without penalty during the month of January.  A 1% fee will be collected during February.  A 2% fee will be collected during March.

2013 delinquent taxes will be payable to the Steuben County Treasurer, with an added 5% fee, after March 31, 2013.  Any delinquent taxes from previous years are only payable to the Steuben County Treasurer, but are able to be paid to the Steuben County Treasurer anytime.

A drop box is available outside the Lindley Town Hall for your convenience.  Receipts will be sent by mail.  We accept CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS and CASH.  We are unable to process credit cards at this time.

Dated: December 18, 2012
Megan E. Thistle – Tax Collector
Town of Lindley

Town Board Meeting Agenda for 12/12/12

Town Board Meeting Agenda for Wednesday December 12th

1.Call to order
6.Announcements - misc.- Megan
7.Old Business
*Schedule Tim Marshal Emergency Preparedness
*I talked with Andy Williams of NYDOT about the Lindley / Kuhl Rd. bridge , Andy is going to check with his supervisor as to what can or cannot be done about keeping the bridge open. I advised him that the official request would require board approval.
8. New Business
*Sprague Insurance - review policy updates and premium increase
*American Power @Gas possible savings for the town
*New clock style thermostat for the board room
9.Transfers - Kathy to advise
10.Review and motion to pay bills
11.If time allows i would like to audit Megans books and then at the audit meeting we can do two months of Kathys books which will catch us up to schedule.
12. Motion to adjourn

Town Clerk Office Closed 12/24, 12/25, and 1/1

The Town Clerk's office will be closed for the following Holidays:
*December 24th and 25th
*January 1st

REMINDER - extended office hours return for tax collection season - Saturday mornings 9 - 12 from January through the end of March.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Historical Society Meeting 11/29 at 7:00 pm

From Kitty Pierce, Historian - Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are ready to learn more about Lindley history.
This Thursday  Nov. 29th ---  Durland Weale and Elmer Huels will present a program on the local Cheesefactories (Yes Lindley had some ) and a Condendsery (Where was that ??) for the Lindley-Presho Historical Society .
The meeting will begin at 7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley. Meetings are free and open to the public.
Hope to see you there and as Durland stated- Hopefully, the program will encourage others to share stories and information.


Horseheads Petco Rabies Clinic December 2nd

Petco in Horseheads will be holding a rabies / other vaccinations clinic through Vet-co on Sunday, December 2nd from 10 -2.  No appointment is necessary.  Rabies shots will cost $12.  Please contact Petco for full details at 739-2977 .

Free Rabies Clinic, Erin NY December 1st



1138 Breesport Rd., Erin

Saturday, December 1, 2012, 10 am – noon


  •   Young pets:  Puppies, kittens, and young ferrets must be at least 3 months of age. 
  •      Initial vaccines are effective for only one year.  Pets must be re-vaccinated one year after initial vaccination.
§         Previously vaccinated dogs & cats:  Bring proof of vaccination to the clinic to receive a rabies certificate that is good for 3 years.  If no proof provided, the certificate will expire in one year.
§         Ferrets must be vaccinated annually.
§         Pregnant or nursing animals may not be vaccinated if attending veterinarian refuses.
§         Duplicate certificates may be purchased at the Chemung County Health Department for a fee of $10.00.  Certificates are needed for licensing, interstate travel and accurate record keeping.
§         Routine veterinary care is recommended for all pets.
§         For further information call the S.P.C.A. @ 732-1827.


Lindley 2013 Budget Adopted

The 2013 Budget for the Town of Lindley has been adopted.  Full copies are available at the Town Clerk's office.

SALARIES of ELECTED OFFICIALS:  Article 8 of New York Town Law:

Town Supervisor  $5406
Legislative Board (4@$1272)  $5088
Highway Superintendent  $46,350
Justice  $6400
Town Clerk   $7416
Tax Collector   $1946
Assessor (Chair)   $3388_
Assessors (2@$2519)  $5038

2013 Budget Data
2012 Amount Raised in taxes General Fund  $      135,514.00
Tax Levy Projected 2013 ($16,567 surplus expended)  $      128,459.00
% Increase (Decrease) in Levy General Fund -5.21%
2012 Amount Raised in taxes Highway Fund  $      435,844.00
Tax Levy Projected 2013 ($13,361 surplus expended; $30,000 from Restr.)  $      435,289.00
% Increase (Decrease) in Levy Highway Fund -0.13%
Total Raised in Taxes 2012 Tax Rate-$223.77/$1000  $      571,358.00
. Tax Rate-$219.15/$1000  $      563,748.00
Total aggregate taxable property Gen Fund and Hwy Fund  $2,572,442
Proj. Tax rate decrease -2.06%
Total Raised in Taxes 2012 Tax Rate-$13.91/$1000  $37,740
2013 Total aggregate taxable property Fire Department  $2,666,909
2013 tax rate/$1,000  $14.15
Proj. Fire Dept. Tax rate increase 1.73%
2012 Final Tax Rate (All)  $ 237.68
Preliminary Projected Tax Rate (All)  $ 233.30
Total Change in Tax Rate (All)  $ (4.38)

2013 Budget Public Hearing November 14th Agenda

Agenda for the 2013 Budget Public Hearing Town Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00 pm at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley, NY  14858 

1.  Call to order
2.  Pledge
3.  Reports- Town Clerk_Supervisor_CEO_Highway_Historian_Justice_
4.  Attendance-  J.Simcoe_D.Ballard_P.Clark_L.Demun_L.Salyerds_M.Stocum_
5.  Minutes
6.  Announcements- Megan
7.  Open public hearing for 2013 budget

8.  Close public hearing
9.  Old Business
Soil Erosion per Jim Lundgren
Bridge on Lindley Road to Kuhl Road
10.  New Business
Vote on new contracts
Chemung Cty. SPCA  $7002.00 per yr.
Lawnsmith $5500.00 per yr.
Pantry of Angels $1400.00 per yr.
Library $6157.00 per yr.

11.  Vote on Post Office Lease Renewal
12.  Transfers  Accounts to be supplied by Kathy
13.  Review and motion to approve bills
14.  Motion to adjourn

Town Clerk Office Closed for Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving

The Town Clerk's office will be closed Monday, November 12th for Veteran's Day.  The Town Clerk's office will also be closed Thursday, November 22nd for Thanksgiving.

Stowell Road Closed November 5, 6, and 7

Stowell Road will be closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday November 5, 6, and 7 while Coldspring Construction places the steel for the highway bridge.

2013 Preliminary Budget Available at Town Clerk's Office

Notice of Public Hearing on the
Preliminary Budget of the Town of Lindley
For the Year 2013

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the preliminary budget of the Town of Lindley for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2013, including general town funds, highway funds, and fire protection district funds, has been completed and filed in the office of the Town Clerk of the Town of Lindley, 637 US 15 PO Box 62, Lindley, NY 14858, where it is available for inspection by any interested person during office hours Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm and Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm.

The Town Board of the Town of Lindley shall hold a public hearing on said preliminary budget on Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00 pm, showing such changes, alterations and revisions as shall have been made therein by the Town Board of Lindley.  At such hearing, any person may be heard in favor of or against the preliminary budget as compiled, or for or against any item or items therein contained.

The following are the proposed year salaries of elected Town Officers of the Town of Lindley:

Town Supervisor $__  5406_____
Legislative Board (4 @$1272) $__ 5088____
Highway Superintendent $__46,350____
Justice $___6400_____
Town Clerk $___7416_____
Tax Collector $___1946_____
Assessor (Chair) $___3388_____
Assessors (2@ $2519) $___5038_____

Town Hall Hours Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 30 and 31st.

Office Hours for the Town Hall, Town Court and Post Office of Lindley on Tuesday, October 30th and Wednesday, October 31st are dependent on the outcome of the extreme weather expected… please call ahead:
607-523-8816 Town Hall 
607-523-8388 Town Court
607-523-8054 Post Office

Thank you

Electronics Recycling day successful

The Electronic Recycling Day on September 29th was a success - Residents filled 3 large bins and one pallet with various home office electronics.  We'll hold another in the spring sometime.  Thanks to all who helped out! - Pat Clark, Councilman, and son, Dave Fuller, Code officer, Marc Stocum and Dave Scouten, Highway; Jerry Simcoe - Supervisor;  Ted Walker and Dave Henry with the new highway.

Tentative 2013 Budget

The Lindley Town Board is in receipt of the tentative 2013 Town Budget.  Copies are availabe at the Lindley Town Clerk's office, and on the lobby bulletin board.  Budget Workshops will be held as previously announced on Monday, October 22nd at 7 pm at the Town Hall, and on Friday, October 26th at 7 pm at the Town Hall.

TIme Warner Cable Public Hearing October 17th 2012

NOTICE: The Lindley Town Board will be holding a Public Hearing to discuss the proposed renewal contract from Time Warner Cable.  The meeting will occur on Wednesday, October 17th at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall during the regularly scheduled Audit Meeting.  The Town Hall is located at 637 US 15, Lindley NY  14858.  The Public is invited to attend.

Free Lindley Residents Computer & Electronics Recycling Collection Site, Lindley Town Hall - September 29th

ANNOUNCING:  The Town of Lindley is partnering with eWaste Alliance Network to offer a FREE Technology/E-Waste Drop Off  - Saturday, September 29th from 9:00am - 12:00 noon at the Lindley Town Hall Parking Lot, 637 US 15, Lindley, NY for Lindley Residents.

Lindley Residents may drop off any electronic waste items on the list below.  Kitchen appliances are excluded.  A bin will be provided and residents are asked to place any technology waste inside the bin.  The Town Clerk will be inside the Clerk's Office if you have any questions that morning. 

All televisions
Scanners, ink cartridges
Printers/fax machines
Network equipment
Keyboards, mice and computer accessories
Circuit boards, cabling and wiring
telecommunications equipment
audio/visual equipment
video game systems
cell phones, PDAs, IPODs
universal power supplies

any liquids/powders
air conditioners
kitchen/personal appliances
fluorescent lamps

[the eWaste Alliance Network service is offered in cooperation with Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery 888-563-1340]

Please call Megan Thistle, Lindley Town Clerk, with any questions - 523-8816

2013 Budget Workshops Scheduled

The Lindley Town Board will hold Budget Workshop meetings Monday, October 22nd at 7:00 pm and Friday, October 26th at 7:00 pm.  Both meetings will occur at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley NY 14858.  The Public is invited to attend.

Gerald Simcoe
Lindley Town Supervisor

Town Board meeting Agenda for September 12th

1. Call to order
2. Pledge to the flag
3. Reports
Town Clerk_ Supervisor_ CEO_ Highway_ Historian_ Justice_
4. Attendance
J.Simcoe_ D.Ballard_ P.Clark_ L.Demun_ L.Salyerds_ M.Stocum_
5. Minutes
6.Announcements Misc.
7.Old Business
Schedule Public Hearing for Time Warner contract renewal
Set up a pickup schedule for E-Waste pickup 2 times a year
Review Credit Card processing Megan
8. New Business
Budget Calendar add clerk for Kathy
Air Conditioning review estimates
Resolution Adopting Workplace Violence  Policy Statement

Historical Society resumes 4th Thursday of the month Meetings

The Lindley-Presho Historical Society will resume its meetings on Thursday - September 27 at 7P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall at 637 US 15, Lindley, NY  14858...
Until the Corp of Engineer Dams were completed in Tioga County, Pa in 1975-6, some areas of the Lindley-Presho area usually experienced at least one or two floods a year. The floods of 1972,1975 and 1976 bring back memories to many of the present residents. Past history tells us about others.
To help document the history of Lindley floods, the topic of the September meeting of the L-P HS will be "Floods of Lindley - Over the Years" .  There will be photos and articles of past flooding in the Lindley area on display.
Those who plan to attend are encouraged to bring their photos and stories about Lindley floods.
Meetings are free and open to the Public.

Thanking you in advance

Catherine M. Pierce
Town of Lindley Historian

Caton Rabies Clinic



In cooperation with Steuben County Public Health Service


Caton Fire Hall

1118 Caton Road, State Rte 225
Friday, September 14, 2012
5:00 to 7:00 pm
Dogs, cats and ferrets welcome
and must be confined.

Please bring proof of prior rabies vaccine record,
if available.

For more information call
 Caton Town Clerk @ 524-6303

Two Positions remain open on the Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals continues to have two open positions.  Please contact Megan Thistle, Lindley Town Clerk, if interested in applying. 523-8816 or lindleytc@stny.rr.com .

1. Have a willingness and dedication to commit both time and personal
energy to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

2. Have an interest in comprehensive community planning, zoning and
subdivision of land, and the protection of the environment.
3. Have a desire to assist in implementing the Town of Lindley's land
use policies including the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances for
the purpose of protecting the health, safety and welfare of the

4. Have a willingness to encourage and accept input from citizens,
organizations and those directly affected by land use related actions
made by the Zoning Board of Appeals.


1. The general purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to hear and
decide any appeal or decision, order or interpretation by the Code
Enforcement Officer (CEO) whose duty it is to enforce the zoning
ordinance, and it shall have the power to reverse any decision of such
officer on a concurring vote of the board as provided by statute.

2. The Zoning Board of Appeals shall also conduct hearings and other
affairs as are designated by the zoning ordinances.  Specific duties
include the preparation, administration and implementation of the Town
of Lindley's Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances.

3. The Zoning Board of Appeals is required to make formal
recommendations on all zoning and subdivision applications.

4. Attend and participate in regularly scheduled meetings and special

Tannery Creek Road now open between Davis and Griswold Roads

Vincent Spagnoletti, Commisioner, announces that CR 120, Tannery Creek Rd. is now open between Davis and Griswold Roads.

Hunting Courses and general information

Training in Safe Handling of Firearms and Hunting Required
Before Purchasing a Hunting License

All new hunters or trappers planning to go afield this upcoming hunting and trapping season must first complete a mandatory hunter or trapper education course, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today reiterated.  Previously licensed hunters who plan to hunt out of state should also have their sportsman education certificates or previous licenses in hand as proof that they have completed the required course.  All states accept New York’s hunter education course but states differ on what is required as proof of completion.

Sporting licenses went on sale August 13. To purchase hunting or trapping licenses in New York, proof of a previous license or your original sportsman education certificate must be shown. If adequate proof cannot be shown, one may be required to take the course again to be recertified. Finding a course immediately prior to or during the hunting season will be difficult. With the Southern Zone bow season beginning October 1 this year, September courses will be in high demand and those offered in October will be too late for those wishing to bow hunt the first part of the season.

New York sportsmen and sportswomen that travel out of state to hunt should be sure to satisfy all the requirements of the destination state well in advance. Some states require the original hunter education certificate, and getting a replacement can be time consuming if the original is misplaced. The New York State Sportsman Education Program has an extensive database from which replacement certificates can be issued if the course was taken in 1980 or after. Those unable to locate their original certificate, or cannot find a record of it, may be required to repeat a course. A previous hunting license cannot be used to reissue a certificate.

All first-time hunters, bowhunters and trappers must pass one or more courses before they can obtain a license in New York. Trained instructors, certified by DEC, teach safe and responsible outdoors practices and the important role of hunters and trappers in natural resource conservation. All courses are free of charge, but space may be limited.

To locate a nearby hunter or trapper education class, visits DEC’s website and course list at: www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/9191.html or contact a local DEC regional office. Courses can also be found listed in local papers, sporting goods stores, and posters at gun clubs. For a list of regional offices and contact information, visit www.dec.ny.gov/about/558.html.  The website information is updated regularly throughout the year.

DEC Deer Hunting Announcement

With 2012-13 hunting licenses now available, we have updated information on our website to help you plan your deer hunting activities.
  • DMP Availability and Probability of Selection -  www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/30409.html   This page shows which Wildlife Management Units will have Deer Management Permits (doe tags), and what hunters' odds are for being selected for a DMP. 
  • 2012 Deer Season Forecasts -  www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/37304.html   In particular, you will be interested in the regional reports which contain unit-by-unit forecasts from our regional field biologists.
  • 2012-13 New York State Hunting and Trapping Guide - For current hunting regulations, season dates and bag limits, sunrise/sunset chart, and a number of wildlife and hunting related articles, you can download the at www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/37136.html or scroll through the entire guide online at www.eregulations.com/newyork/hunting
Also, please report sick or dead deer to DEC.
DEC needs your help identifying outbreaks of epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) (www.dec.ny.gov/animals/39767.html), a fatal virus transmitted to deer by biting midges, generally known as "no see-ums" or "gnats." Infections commonly occur in late summer and early fall. Sick deer have small bruises in the mouth and nose and swelling of the head, neck, tongue and lips. A large number of sick or dead deer may be found in a small area, particularly in or near water sources. Though no outbreaks have been detected in New York yet this year, we previously had limited EHD outbreaks in 2007 in Albany and Niagara counties and in 2011 in Rockland County. The virus is not a problem for humans or domestic animals but can have a locally significant impact on deer populations. If you encounter a sick deer or an unusual number of dead deer, please report it to your nearest DEC regional wildlife office (www.dec.ny.gov/about/50230.html).

Hunting License sales begin August 13th

Deer Management Permits, Hunting, Fishing, Trapping Licenses will be Available

Agenda - Town Board Meeting Wednesday August 8, 2012

1. Call to order
2. Pledge to the flag
3. Reports
  _Town Clerk _Supervisor _CEO _Highway _Historian _Justice
  _J.Simcoe _D.Ballard _P.Clark _L.Demun _L.Salyerds _M.Stocum
Resolution to comply with NYS and Local Retirement System  standard workdays and hours reporting system for those town employees who are currently participating in the program.

Electronics Recycling Program

Zoning Review Committee Meeting Schedule

The Zoning Review Committee of the Town Board will meet the 1st. and 4th. Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM until further notice.  Next meeting will be July 25th, at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.

Lindley Highway Department Job Opening

Lindley Town Highway Department Job Opening:
The Town of Lindley Highway Department has a full-time job opening with benefits.  Qualified applicants MUST have the following:
  • be able to lift 50 pounds
  • have a CDL class B or better license
  • have working heavy-equipment experience
  • work well with others
  • be able to cut brush and do labor as needed
  • have references
  • mechanical and welding experience is a plus
Contact the Lindley Highway Superintendent between 6:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday at The Lindley Highway Department, 1332 River Rd., Lindley, NY 14858 or call for an appointment at 607-523-7294. EOE.

Lindley Community Picnic Saturday, July 21st at 4:00pm

The public is invited to attend a community picnic in honor of Dick Johnson, former Lindley Highway Superintendent, for his 37 years of dedication and commitment to the townspeople of Lindley.  The picnic is being held on Saturday, July 21st at 4:00pm at the Presho United Methodist Church on Indian Hills Rd.  Hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks will be provided - please bring a dish to pass.  RSVP by Friday, July 13th - required for meat order.  Call Kathy Biggio at 607-259-6620 or Megan Thistle at 607-523-8816 (leave message if necessary).

Zoning Review Committee July 6th at 7:00pm

Please note that the Lindley Zoning Review Committee will be meeting at the Lindley Town Hall on Friday, July 6th at 7:00pm.

Gerald Simcoe
Committee Chair
June 26th, 2012

2 Public Hearings on July 11th

NOTICE:  PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that two Public Hearings will be held during the regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting on July 11th, 2012 at 7:00 pm at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, PO Box 62, Lindley, NY 14858.  Public Hearings will separately address 1). Camping Regulations and 2). Updated Code of Ethics Law recommendations.  Copies of the proposed local laws are available at the Town Clerk's Office during office hours, or on http://www.lindleytown.blogspot.com/.

By order of the Lindley Town Board
Gerald Simcoe, Supervisor
Dated June 25, 2012

Recent DEC Hunting/Fishing announcements

  • First State Record Fish for 2012 surpassed the former record by 6 ounces.  William Altman caught a 5lb 14 oz brook trout from the West Canada Wildnerness Area in Hamilton County on May 5th.
  • Tentative 2012-2013 Migratory Game Bird Hunting Seasons: can be found at http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/28503.html
  • Sturgeon restoration efforts achieve successful milestone:  Breeding females found in Oneida System.

Town Clerk office closed July 4th and 5th

The Lindley Town Clerk's office will be closed Wednesday, July 4th and Thursday, July 5th.  The office will re-open Monday, July 9th at 9:00 am.

Town Board Meeting Agenda for June 13th

1.Call to order
 __ Town Clerk__Supervisor__CEO__Highway__Historian__Justice
 Bid Opening for new truck body & plow
 Justice  Review of Deputy Court Clerk position
 Resolution Presented by Karen Ballard Of the Steuben County Land Owners Coalition sponsored by D.Ballard
 Hawbaker Industrial Park presentation

Town Clerk Office Closing at 12:00 June 11th

The Town Clerk office will close at 12:00 instead of 1:00 pm on Monday, June 11th in order to attend a work related training.

Office will re-open at 9:00 am Tuesday, June 12th.

Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk

Planning Board Meeting June 6th at 7:00 pm

The Lindley Planning Board will be holding a meeting at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley NY, 14858 on Wednesday, June 6th at 7:00 pm.  Topic will be to discuss the Camping Law proposal.  The public is invited to attend.

By order of Mary Lentzen
Planning Board Chair

Residential Burning Laws

DEC announces that starting May 15th, the burning of tree limbs with or without attached leaves is permitted.  Branches must measure less than 6 inches thick and less than 8 feet long.

DEC reminds residents to remain with their burning brush until the fire is out.  Always be careful of wildfires.  Remain aware of periodic burn bans that are set in place due to rain fall. 

Household garbage burning remains banned.

At this time, the Town of Lindley does not have the available equipment to mulch brush.  You may contact a local disposal service or tree service company to see what they may offer.

May 9th Town Board Meeting Resolution Discussion

Per NYS Open Government Law February 2nd, 2012, The Town of Lindley announces that the May 9th Town Board meeting may include a discussion of a proposed resolution offered on behalf of the Steuben County Landowner's Coalition that would ban impediments to New York State's ultimate decision regarding natural gas exploration.

Special Court Office Hours

The Lindley Town Court will be closed on Tuesday, May 15th & Tuesday, May 22nd.  The Court will instead be open Monday, May 14th & Monday, May 21st from 3:30 - 8:00 pm. 

You may contact the Court office at 607-523-8388

Tax Grievance Day

Tax Grievance Day will be held Tuesdday,  May 22nd, 2012 between the hours of 2:00 - 4:00 pm and 6:00 - 8:00 pm at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley NY  14858.

You may call the Assessor's at 607-523-8816.

Tax Assessment Review Days

The Lindley Tax Assessors with be available the following dates and times for Roll Inspections:

May 7th:    2:00 - 4:00 pm and 6:00 - 8:00 pm
May 12th:  9:00 - 1:00 pm
May 14th:  9:00 - 11:00 am and 7:00 - 9:00 pm
May 16th:  9:00 - 11:00 am

You may contact any of the Assessors at 607-523-8816

May 20th Armed Forces Day Program

Again this year, it is our pleasure to welcome the Tioga County, Pa Honor Guard as they conduct a ceremony honoring  all local military personnel-past and present  on  Armed Forces Day . 
  May 20th   2 PM at the Lindley Town Hall .
The program is free-public invited. If you know  a Veteran or someone presently in the service- please pass the word onto them.
If there are questions - please contact me at 607-523-8851 until May 7th.  After that date,  please contact the Town Clerk at 607-523-8816.
Kitty Pierce  Lindley Historian

May 19th Lindley Rabies Clinic

PLEASE NOTE different location this year due to scheduling needs:

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
9:00 am - 11:00am
Lindley Highway Department
1332 River Rd, Lindley  NY  14858

  • Dogs, cats, and ferrets welcome
  • Bring proof of current rabies shot if available
  • All dogs must be on leashes, all cats and ferrets in carriers.
  • Bags will be available if you need to clean up after your pet.
A donation of $5.00 per pet is requested but not required, to assist in Town and County clinic costs.
In cooperation with Chemung County SPCA and the Steuben County Public Health Nursing.

For information contact:
Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk

Town Clerk Office Closed May 7th

The Lindley Town Clerk Office will be closed Monday, May 7th and will re-open Tuesday, May 8th at 9:00 am.

Special Town Board Meeting

Per NYS Town Law, the Lindley Town Board will be meeting in full for a Special Meeting on Thursday, April 26th at 7:30 pm in the Town Clerk office at the Lindley Town Hall,  637 US 15, Lindley NY 14858.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a Hawbaker proposal only.  No decisions and no business will take place at this meeting.

By order of the Lindley Town Board


JUST  A  REMINDER!  Come to the Lindley Town Hall at 637 US 15, Lindley, NY  14858 between 12 noon and 9:00 pm to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary!  Your vote counts!
The Lindley Fairview Cemetery Crew needs your help!  The Town of Lindley would like to do our best to honor those no longer with us and need your help.  We are down to one person available to pick up light debris from the weather, place flags twice a year in honor of our veterans, and generally prepare the Cemetery for mowing and winter seasons.  Any and all are welcome to help keep one of your town's cemeteries beautiful!  Please contact the Town Clerk to get involved in the care of your local Cemetery.  One-time assistance or greater commitments are both appreciated and we thank you in advance!

Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk
DEC ANNOUNCES WILDLIFE REHABILITATOR AND FALCONRY EXAMS Exams Slated for April 20; Applications due April 13 Examinations for New Yorkers wishing to become licensed volunteer wildlife rehabilitators and those seeking an apprentice license to practice the sport of falconry, has been scheduled for Friday, April 20, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today. The deadline for registering to take these exams is April 13. The exams will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at DEC Regional offices across the state. (The exam will be offered from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Avon Office, Region 8). The list of Regional Offices can be found at: http://www.dec.ny.gov/about/50230.html.

New Blog Menu Items

Please note that we are updating our Blog Menu Items. Review our new Town Hall Calendar, and our Town Meeting Minutes page. Please be patient with our updates and keep an eye out for new material.


Lindley Town Hall Calendar

Please visit our new page "Lindley Town Hall Calendar" located along the top menu!

If you see any corrections needed or would like a community or Town Hall event included in the calendar, please let Megan Thistle know at 607-523-8816 or lindleytc@stny.rr.com

Seasonal Town Clerk hours

As with every year, the Town Clerk office hours on Saturdays will close starting April 7th for the very slow season and then re-open for the busier 2 months of August and September. They will then close and re-open January, February and March for the next busy season... As with all the Town Clerk Office hours, this seasonal cycle is driven by computer documentation.

Regular Hours are 9 - 1 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; 2 - 6 Thursday. Appointments as needed.

See you during Hunting Season sales!

Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk


Meth Lab makers are now using a new system for "cooking" their drugs... if you see a pile of hoses and soda bottles in a ditch or open area, DO NOT TOUCH but call 911 immediately. This may be an "Overnight Meth Lab". Meth lab creators have been utilizing this process to cook their drugs without running the risk of explosions in a house or garage, and to continue to avoid discovery. They are currently operating within Lindley town lines so please be careful if you are collecting garbage along the road/creekside. Remember, this is an unstable drug making process and should not be moved. Call 911 immediately.
The Lindley Town Clerk will be returning to off-season hours after Tax Season, starting April 7th, 2012. This means that Saturday office hours will be closed starting April 7th, until the return of Hunting Season during August and September. Regular office hours remain the same as usual - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9am-1pm and Thursday from 2pm-6pm. As always, appointments can also be made as needed.

Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk
The Lindley -Presho Historical Society will resume their meetings on March 22nd 7 P.M. at the Lindley Town Hall-U.S. Rt.15.

The program will be Golden School Days. Those attending will be encouraged to reminisce about their school days-especially the stories and memories of attending a one room school.
Many pictures from the one room schools in Lindley are on display in the Town Hall Lobby . If you photos,please bring them to share. .

Catherine M. Pierce
Town of Lindley Historian
9755 Steamtown Road
Lindley,NY 14858
607 523-8851

Lindley Rabies Clinic - New Date, New Location

Lindley Rabies Clinic - NEW DATE, NEW LOCATION

Sponsored by:
In cooperation with Steuben County Public Health Services
Chemung County SPCA

1332 River Rd
Lindley, NY 14858

9am – 11am


All dogs must be on leashes, all cats and ferrets need to be confined to a carrier.
(bags will be available in the event you need to clean up after your pets)

The Town Clerk will also be there to license Lindley dogs. For more information please call
Megan Thistle, Lindley Town Clerk.

A $5.00 donation per pet is requested, but not required, to help cover town and county costs.
The Town Clerk's Office is Closed Monday February 20th for the Federal Holiday, President's Day.
The Lindley Town Board Meeting on March 14th has been cancelled and rescheduled for Wednesday, March 21st at 7:00 pm at the Lindley Town Hall.
Lindley Town Board Meeting

Date: 02/08/12

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge to the Flag
3. Reports
__Town Clerk __Supervisor __CEO __Highway __Historian __ Justice
4. Minutes
Would like to waive the reading of minutes if all are agreeable , Megan will make any corrections that are appropriate

__J. Simcoe __L. Demun __P. Clark __L. Salyerds __D. Ballard __M. Stocum

Steuben County Public Health & Nursing requests that the town sponsors a Rabies Clinic as in the past.

Delta Road Protection program training Wed. Feb. 29,2012 , 9:00 AM-2:00PM, Corning Town Hall, Maple St. Corning, N.Y. Megan & Marc are scheduled to attend.

Environmentall Solution Remedial Services has been in contact in reference to the spill from the tractor trailer accident in front of the Town Hall, I referred them to the NYSDOT ! I then called the DOT and spoke with Alan Curren at the Coopers Plains shop phone number 962-4639 . The ESRS group has to get permits from the State to proceed with the cleanup Mr. Curren recommends that the Town call him when the work starts and he will make sure the proper permits have been acquired.

Insurance inspection found some noncompliance issues this was reported in Dec. 2011 and have not been corrected to date. Emergency Lighting, Outside Floodlight, MVR Reports.

The County has revised the mileage to be added to our road mileage so we will have to adopt a new resolution.

Justice Tracy Wilson would like to address the board about installation of security cameras.
Discussion of support for the Town of Ulysses for home rule. Material was e-mailed to board members.


Graduating in 2012?

Are you going to college or a trades school?

Are you a Resident of the Caton/Lindley area?
You can apply for the:“2012 Caton Community Day Scholarship”

Interested~ contact your Guidance Office
The Public Hearing to Consider a 5-Month Moratorium on Camping Applications was held January 18th, 2012at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, PO Box 62Lindley, New York 14858.
Official Minutes held at Town Clerk’s Office

Town Board Members Present:
Gerry Simcoe – Town Supervisor
Pat Clark – Boardmember
Linda Salyerds – Boardmember

Lloyd DeMun, II - Boardmember

Attendance sheet

Meeting was called to order by Gerry Simcoe at 7:00pm.
• Pledge to the flag completed.

Public Hearing Opened by Gerry Simcoe:
Residents sought clarification about the goal of a 5-month moratorium/hold on accepting Camping, Campers and Campground applications. Mary Lentzen indicated that in the zoning list of Conditional Use Permits, all issues related to Camping require a permit, however there are no stipulations indicated and need better defining. The 5-month moratorium would provide the Planning Board time to work on this and present their recommendations to the Town PO
Board. After that time, a Public Hearing would be held to see if the public would like to pass a Local Law to amend the Zoning Laws regarding Camping, Campers, and Campgrounds.

Gerry Simcoe made the motion to pass a 5-month moratorium on accepting new Camping, Campers, and Campground applications. Seconded by Pat Clark. Roll – all present agreed.
Motion Carried

Old Business and Announcements:
Gerry announced that the Teamsters agreed to the proposed $10.94 per hour for 90 days amendment to the Highway Contract. This takes effect 1/1/2012.

The Recognition Ceremony had a very good attendance in spite of the weather.

Regarding a Special Election to fill the vacant Town Board seat – the Town Board would have to pass a Local Law allowing a Special Election. Vicki at the Board of Elections indicated the cost would be well over $1000 and the cost for Inspectors alone would run about $400 for a half day. Vicki was unable to estimate a time table for when paperwork would need to be at the Board of Elections, and when the Election could be held. Gerry opened for discussion.

Dale A. Salisbury spoke in support of Fran Tempel, citing her commitment to the community and the Pantry of Angels. Dale commented that the Board should be looking at the candidate best suited to the job.

Jim Lundgren spoke in support of David Ballard and cited David’s experience in the School district and Union. Jim indicated he’d is in favor of a Special Election.

Mary Lentzen asked if people were aware that the vacant position was only for one year. Ken McKillip indicated the vacancy was for one year. Ken stated that it was a Republican seat and it was protocol to fill it with a Republican. Gerry reminded Ken that this was not true, had been discussed last week and wouldn’t be discussed further. Additional discussion about best candidate for the position and what an election would cost.

Mary Lentzen commented that a Special Election would be held to decide who should be appointed for the rest of 2012. Then an election would be held in November 2012 to fill the position for the remaining term for 2013, and then another election would be held in November 2013 for a new four year term.

Discussion about letting the seat stay open until the next regular election. Gerry indicated the problem with that is that the Town Board is a 5-person Board so that there are tie-breaking votes.

Further discussion about best candidate, cost of special election. Kathy Biggio read a letter in support of Fran, indicating her concern that the Board has gotten a bad start and has created a feeling of bad-blood. She requested the Board members explain why they voted a certain way last week. She expressed concern if the Board became dead-locked on future issues such as drilling. Kathy Biggio expressed concern with phone calls from the Steuben County Republican Chair, who seemed to be strong-arming citizens to vote a certain way.

Additional discussion in support of a Special Election, in support of David Ballard, and in support of Fran Tempel. 2 additional letters were read, one in support of David, one in support of Fran.

Mary Lentzen commented that there are two positions open in the Town – one on the Zoning Board of Appeals and one on the Planning Board. Contact Steve Ritter regarding Zoning Board of Appeals, and contact her for the Planning Board.

Sandy Lundgren asked if Republicans were supposed to supply letters in support of David Ballard. Gerry Simcoe indicated this wasn’t a planned thing.

Gerry made a motion to appoint Fran Tempel. Pat Clark and Linda Salyerds voted no.

Fran Tempel read a brief letter – Included here by request and because of its brief length:

January 18, 2012
Mr. Gerry Simcoe
Lindley Town Board
Lindley, NY 14858

This letter is meant to address the current condition regarding the empty seat on the town board.

First of all, I want to thank all the individuals (mostly Republicans by the way) who supported me in my desire to be appointed to this one-year position. Their belief in me and appreciation for my experience and previous service to the town of Lindley was profoundly moving for me personally.

That being said, I had hoped that the decision would be based on that experience and service but I am sadden to find that political partisanship has now created an impasse. I also had hoped that we could operate in an environment unlike the one in Wash. D.C. that so many of us abhor. But that was not to be.

The Republican committee chairman suggested the town conduct a special election in order to decide the outcome. I find this suggestion to be not only fiscally irresponsible but also a burden upon our citizens asking them to come out and vote one more time for a position that will expire at the end of this year. The board has many issues that need to be acted upon now and the time needed to set up this election and garner the results might be detrimental in the decision making process.

And so, for the good of the town of Lindley, I withdraw my request for appointment and hope the board will appoint David Ballard immediately so we can get on with the business at hand.

Thank you,
Fran Tempel

Several people commended Fran for her decision. Ken McKillip asked that David Ballard be sworn in. Gerry Simcoe made a motion to appoint David Ballard, seconded by Pat Clark. Roll – all present agreed. Gerry Simcoe stated that he believed he was getting his arm twisted but because next month he would be absent and there needed to be three board members present to pay the monthly bills, he was voting for David.

Dave Ballard was sworn in by Megan Thistle, Lindley Town Clerk.

Gerry Simcoe made the motion to appoint Jim Lundgren as Custodian. Seconded by Pat Clark. Roll – all present agreed.

Gerry read a letter from NYS DEC regarding reporting sick or dead deer. Public is warned to not handle or eat these deer and contact DEC.

Fran Woodring asked if Dave Ballard could take a seat at the Board table. Gerry indicated usually a person is given a week but could if he’d like to.

Gerry Simcoe announced that Dee Hill brought a law to the Town’s attention last week regarding Towns posting information regarding next meetings. Megan will be posting agendas on blog and on the bulletin board outside as needed.

The Steuben County office of Risk Manager sent information regarding cell and 2-way radio use by drivers. They must pull over now. Megan provided a copy for Marc Stocum, Highway Superintendent.

The Finance Directors December 2011 records were audited.

Pat Clark made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Linda Salyerds seconded. Roll, all agreed. Meeting adjourned at 10:15pm

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk
The Organizational Town Board Meeting was held January 11th, 2012
at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, PO Box 62
Lindley, New York 14858.
Official Minutes held at Town Clerk’s Office

Town Board Members Present:
Gerry Simcoe – Town Supervisor
Pat Clark – Boardmember
Lloyd DeMun, II - Boardmember
Linda Salyerds – Boardmember

NYS DOT Resolution
Attendance sheet
Letters of support for Boardmember candidates David Ballard and Fran Tempel

• Meeting was called to order by Gerry Simcoe at 7:00pm.
• Pledge to the flag completed.
• Reports were received from Town Clerk, Justice, Historian, Supervisor, Code Enforcement Officer and Highway Superintendent.
• Minutes of the prior meetings were accepted as read.

Announcements by Gerry Simcoe:
1. NYMIR has proposed a decrease of 3.1%
2. Time Warner Cable will decrease costs from $62.04 to $61.04
3. Steuben County Self-Insurance costs for 2012 will be $12,061.00
4. The Steuben County Legislature will hold a Public Hearing January 23rd. Posted on Town Hall Bulletin Board.
5. There will be a recognition ceremony for long term Town employees who have left/retired on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at 2:00. All are welcome to attend.
6. Megan Thistle, Town Clerk, read the annual Association of Towns training announcement. Kathy Biggio, Bookkeeper indicated that there are often local trainings in Syracuse and Corning.

New Business:
Mary Lentzen, Planning Board Chair, announced that the Planning Board is requesting a Public Hearing to determine if there can be a 5-month moratorium on camper and campground applications. Mary indicated that the current zoning laws have no real regulations on campers in town. The Planning Board would like time to study this and make a proposal to the Town Board regarding density and health issues. Audience and Board discussion about this. The moratorium for 5 months means that the application process would be on hold until zoning recommendations can be proposed to the Town Board. Lloyd DeMun made the motion to hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 18th to discuss adopting a 5-month moratorium on campers/camping applications. Linda Salyerds seconded. Roll – all agreed.
Motion Carried

Old Business

Updating the NYS DOT Resolution to add highway mileage to the Town inventory: The revision of the NYS DOT resolution adopted at the last meeting adjusted the mileage to be added to the Town Highway Inventory. This mileage is used to determine the amount of CHIPS money received from the State. Total overall mileage update is 4.33 miles including from Mersereau Lane from Stowell Rd to the End of Road for a total length of 1.75 miles; Stermer Road from SR 15 to End of Road for a total length of 2.71 Miles; and then Delete Glick Rd from SR 15 to the End of Road for a total length of 0.13 miles. Pat Clark made the motion to adopt the Resolution. Lloyd DeMun seconded. Roll – all agreed.
Resolution Adopted

New Business, Cont’d:
Gerry has been in conversation with the Highway Union regarding starting wage for a new hire. As a result of the way the contract is written, and the fact that several retirements have occurred, the next person hired would start at about $8.94. Gerry is proposing a short-term, one-time adjustment to the Contract to hire someone at $10.94 for the next 90 days, in order to be fair to a new hire. Discussion about: Update that Marc Stocum, Highway Superintendent, has someone lined up to accept the job at the higher rate; making the rate higher if possible; tabling decision until talking again with Union; basing rate on experience; whether this adjustment would bump everyone’s pay up and affect the budget for 2012. Pat Clark made the motion to make the next new-hire hourly start rate $10.94, contingent upon acceptance by the Union, seconded by Lloyd DeMun. Roll – all agreed.
Motion Carried

Gerry would contact the Union with the Board’s decision and get back to everyone.


Appointment of individual to fill the vacancy on the Town Board for one year, to go through election process in November 2012:
• Two Applicants – David Ballard [R] and Fran Tempel [D]. Several letters of support were read for Fran Tempel pointing out previous experience on the Town Board during a vacancy, commitment to community interest and involvement over the past ten years, work experience as a teacher, budget process experience. A letter from the Lindley Republican Committee in support of David Ballard pointing out much experience with Union Work in the School District, budgetary experience, commitment to community and church. Much discussion by community members and Board in support of each candidate.
• Ken McKillip pointed it out that if there is a Republican vacancy on the Board, it’s always replaced by a Republican. This was refuted by Gerry Simcoe who replaced a Republican as a Democrat himself. Kitty Pierce commented that politics mean nothing in Lindley, it’s the best person for the job. Fran Woodring thanked people for the kind words they had for his wife.
• Pat Clark indicated this was a very difficult decision for him. His perception, however, is that based on the constituents he’s talked to for the last three weeks, he needs to vote what they desire and put his personal views aside.
• Dick Pierce - historically in the 60’s when I was Town Clerk I ran for Supervisor but the Republican committee was supporting a Democrat. No one tells me who to vote for.
• Ken McKillip concurred with all the comments being made and talks to the people every year. Mary Lentzen asked if the people he speaks to are Republicans and Ken McKillip answered in the affirmative. Mary asked if that was what people wanted, a Board with one mindset? Ken McKillip pointed out that the two new boardmembers are Republicans.
• Kitty Pierce reminded people that Fran lost the election two years ago by 1 vote, and this last election by only 50. She added that Republican Gerry Simcoe, and Democrat Fran Tempel campaigned together this past year and that Party didn’t matter.
• Kathy Biggio remarked that both candidates are good people and that regarding Fran – she has experience on the Town Board and brings it with her because she attends virtually all meetings.
• Dave Ballard commented that he has nothing against Fran but that he does have experience with budgets, projections, and 25 years in Civil Service. He indicated he enjoys reaching mutual agreements between parties and does a good job.
• Brenda Criss commented that as a public servant, a person is never rewarded and Fran should be rewarded for her diligence and commitment to the community through her attendance and voluntary activities on behalf of the Board, and on the Board of the Pantry of Angels.
• Dave Ballard suggested the issue be brought to the public and hold a special election.

Dee Hill recommended it was time the Board made a vote.

Lloyd DeMun motioned for a poll of the Board for Fran Tempel, seconded by Gerry Simcoe. All for Fran – Gerry Simcoe, Lloyd DeMun.

Pat Clark motioned for a poll of the Board for Dave Ballard, seconded by Linda Salyerds. All for Dave Ballard – Pat Clark, Linda Salyerds.

Ken McKillip indicated that a special election may be called for and the Board of Elections has told him this will cost taxpayers $1000. Kathy suggested getting more public feedback. Dee Hill asked who the Town Supervisor was and if he would please run the meeting. Gerry Simcoe reminded Dee that he tries to listen to others’ ideas.

Gerry Simcoe indicated they will go forward with the meeting and return to this issue again this meeting.

New Business cont’d:
Marc Stocum received estimates for furnace – the lowest bid requires ½ up front. Discussion about how this would be handled.

Linda Swan asked for clarification about the Public Hearing for the Camper Moratorium.

Dee Hill shared that a law has been passed that will take effect in February regarding Open Meetings Law and sharing of information such as agendas.

Executive Session:
Town Board entered an executive session at 8:35 to further discuss the board vacancy.
Town Board returned to Organizational Board Meeting at 8:50. Gerry will call the Board of Elections and discuss options regarding a Special Election.

Dick Pierce asked for clarification regarding Robert’s Rule of Order if there is no quorum. Gerry Simcoe indicated it’s still a draw, any decision needs to have a majority vote of 3.

Bills were reviewed. Linda Salyerds made the motion to pay the monthly bills. Lloyd DeMun seconded. Roll – all agreed.
Motion Carried

Linda Salyerds made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Lloyd DeMun seconded. Roll – all agreed. Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk
Agenda For Jan.18,2012
Call to order

Pledge to the flag

Reports; None due

Reading of the minutes

-Open public hearing regarding campers, camping, and campgrounds

-Close public hearing

-Vote on moratorium

-Open old business and audit meeting

---Agreement has been made with teamsters setting a $10.94 starting wage for the highway department for a term of 90 days effective 1/1/2012

-The recognition ceremony had a very good attendance especially considering the weather we had

-Appointment town council; Dave or Fran

-Appointment custodian; James Lundgren

-Regarding a special election the town must have a local law allowing a special election, the town of Lindley does not. Vicky from the board of elections said a special election would cost in excess of a $1000.00 the inspectors alone are $400.00 for a half day. She is not sure of a time table to set up a special election.

Please take notice that the Lindley Town Board will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 18th at 7:00 pm to discuss a 5-month moratorium on camper applications. Public Hearing will take place at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, Lindley, NY 14858

Lindley Town Board
January 12th, 2011