At 7:04 pm, Chairperson, Mary Lentzen called the regular meeting of the Lindley Town Planning Board to order with Board members Pat Clark, Pat Simcoe, Earl Titus, Tim Shaddock, Fran Woodring, and CEO, Dave Fuller present. Also present were 2 visitors.

Minutes of the June 20, 2011 meeting were read. Corrections to paragraph 4 “or business itself” was added and paragraph 12 the words in parentheses were eliminated. A Motion to approve the Minutes as corrected was made by Fran W., seconded by Earl and passed unanimously.

Henry Thomas presented the Board with 4 property survey maps for Board approval. He is sub-dividing 4.307 acres from a 40 acre parcel located on N Branch Clendenning Creek Road, Tax Map #369.00.02-004.000.

A short EAF was filed and the $5.00 fee was paid.

A Motion to approve the Minor Sub-Division as presented was made by Tim, seconded by Earl and passed unanimously.

The Board will meet with ZBA members on July 31.

Tim reported on his visit to the Dept. of State Information Training site on line which took him about 2 hours to complete.

Pat Clark announced he will run for a seat on the Town Board . He also alerted the Planning Board to a new posted sign at the Mine property across from his residence on Route 120 which indicates NYDEC has an approved Mining permit for the site. The poster is signed by Steve Army. Pat will call NYDEC to get more information on the permit.

At 7:45 pm Earl made a Motion to adjourn, Tim seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted

Janice Oberlander
Recording Clerk

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