The Lindley Town Audit Workshop and Old Business Meeting was held on
June 15th, 2010 at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, PO Box 62
Lindley, New York 14858
Official Copy held at the Town Clerk’s Office

Richard Biggio – Town Supervisor
Lloyd DeMun, II – Councilman
Gerry Simcoe – Deputy Town Supervisor
Paul Mortzheim – Councilman

Paul Stermer – Councilman

Reading of the Minutes:
Town Clerk read the minutes from the 6/8/2011 Regular Board Meeting. Lloyd DeMun clarified that the comments about the pallet business on Clendenning Road included discussion about what was needed should a business want to re-start. Mary Lentzen confirmed that after a year, the process for approval by the town needed to be re-started from the beginning.

Richard Biggio shared a conversation he had with Paul McAnanny regarding the safety issues on Route 15. Richard suggested rumble strips and Mr. McAnanny indicated that, potentially, residents would be bothered enough by the noise that the town would be asking him within 2 weeks to remove them. Lloyd DeMun asked if the strips would help slow people down and Richard confirmed. Discussion about possible alternatives. Richard will continue looking into this.

Richard also talked with Vince Spagnoletti regarding the bridge on Kuhl Rd. Mr. Spagnoletti will be having the bridge looked at and possibly repaved. Richard recently found that the bridge is made of a wooden deck with blacktop. Gerry Simcoe asked about a flashing sign indicating a bump ahead.

Richard stated that Mr. McAnanny indicated the highway is on schedule.

Paul Mortzheim asked if the youth program was 65 Little League kids all from the town of Lindley. Richard B. suggested reviewing the stipulations regarding the youth that can be included in youth program stipends.

Public Comments:
Dick Pierce provided 2 memos regarding speed zones on Steamtown Rd, apologizing for his first letter written in anger ( both attached ). Dick also provided photos of speed limit signs at either end of Steamtown Rd. Discussion about how River Rd can be zoned at 40 mph in places, while Steamtown, a dirt road, can be zoned at 45. Discussion about how to change this. Kitty Pierce commented that residents protested and got a speed limit decreased near the Herrick farm. Discussion that Caton roads are all posted at 40 mph and the town of Lindley should zone all roads at 40 as well. Richard Biggio indicated he would pursue this further.

Old Business:
Richard Biggio has forwarded the material from Delta’s lawyers to Pam Gee for review.

Regarding Elected vs. Appointed process for the Highway Superintendent position: if the Board passes a Local Law, it is subject to a referendum. If the Board acts, a petition is not needed, but they would need to recuse themselves from voting, due to a conflict of interest.

If the Board does not initiate, a petition driven by residents would need to be completed, with stipulations (certain number of signatures required, must have voted in the last election for governor, signatures need to be verified by Town Clerk through Board of Elections). Richard will contact Kelly at the Board of Elections for further clarification. Paul Mortzheim indicated that his understanding is that if the Board passes a local law, this puts the issue on the ballot. A public hearing would be necessary, and the question would be on the regular ballot.

Discussion about the Board’s goal for the roads: Paul Mortzheim’s perspective is that the Town Board wants to be more proactive about how to improve the roads. This could be done by changing the position to appointed and having more control over how the budget is spent, or requesting and approving a 5 year plan from the Highway Superintendent. Could budgetary constraints be put in place? Richard Biggio – we need to improve the maintenance of the roads to make them better. Not sure, beyond budgetarily, how to do this, but an elected official can use the budgeted money any way they judge best.

Discussion about how the question of appointed vs. elected would affect an individual elected this November. They would serve two years as elected, after which point the position becomes appointed, if that’s what voters determined. We have a competent Highway Superintendent right now. What if he doesn’t run this year? Can we annotate the budget this year and specify how much money is available per item needed?

Richard Biggio wondered about asking Mr. Davor from Cornell Local Roads if he could hold a workshop and if there were any students that could serve as a Highway Superintendent. Lloyd DeMun reflected that Dick Johnson remained unsure about running in November. If he were re-elected, he could serve until full retirement and then someone else could be appointed if this was before the term was up.

Gerry Simcoe - that would work out if the appointed issue was voted through.

DEC is expecting recommendations in July so Governor Cuomo can make a decision about gas wells. This would impact what roads would be worked on first in a Road Plan because the 7-9 gas wells in Lindley would have roads that the companies would fix so their trucks could run on them.

Harry Pierce - discussion about the assessors and NYS efforts to take over assessing. 3 years ago the state was trying to force town into a reval. Caton has had 3 in 6 years. Assessors here are trying to resist a reval. We do as fair a job as we can and haven’t had a reval since 1962. State is trying to get town to 2% equalization rate so they can force the town to do a reval. Property values, however, have gone down and aren’t at 100%. I think it’s being reversed at this point because values have been going down. Discussion of property tax comparisons and disparity among town properties.

Discussion about damage to roads from support traffic for PA gas drilling. Lindley is being proactive with Delta and the Road Use Agreement process. Revenue is approximated to be around $1 million per year for a producing well.

Audits were completed on the April and May 2011 Town Clerk financial records.

Gerry Simcoe made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Lloyd DeMun seconded. Roll – all present agreed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk

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