The regular meeting of the Lindley Town Planning Board was called to order by Chairperson, Mary Lentzen, at 7:05 pm. Board members present included, CEO, David Fuller, Pat Clark, Tim Shaddock and Fran Woodring. One visitor was also present.

Minutes of the January 17, 2011 meeting were read. A Motion to accept the minutes as read made by Tim, Seconded by Fran passed unanimously.

Fran reported on his conversation with a Planner for STRPB, Chelsie Robertson, who sent him a copy of a contract for eight different categories the Town may choose from if the Town wishes to use STRPB's services in the future. Fran will find out the costs involved.

Ms Jacquat from Wyoming is available to address the County's gas drilling issues and would come to talk to the Town of we are interested. Dave Ballard will be speaking to the Town Board at their next meeting concerning gas drilling in our area.

A discussion began on a request for a Minor Subdivision from Fred Heffelfinger; Tax Map Lot number 389.00.01-01.000, on Davis Road. Mr. Heffelfinger is requesting that a 5-acre parcel with his house and out buildings be separated from his 80-acre parcel. The buildings will meet the 50' setback from the new lot line. A neighbor will purchase the 75-acre parcel which will include a right-of-way from Davis Road.

A Short EAF was filed; the $5 fee was received. A Motion to accept the Minor Subdivision as proposed was made by Fran, seconded by Pat and passed unanimously.

Discussion began on the Conditional Uses and Their Potential Impact. Several questions and concerns were raised: Fran – What are the differences between a CUP and a Variance?; Dave – Why does the Town have both a Planning Board and a Zoning Board?; Does it benefit the Town to have both? Visitor – Which gives more power to the Board? Mary noted Pat Simcoe's comment that Conditional Uses did not support the Comprehensive Plan.

Dave believes the Planning Board's function is to plan the Town's future. Tim suggested that better flow of the process would greatly improve if applicants went to the Zoning Board first. Mary will ask Steve Ritter for his input. The Planning Board will further develop their proposal that will apply the proper attention to applications before approaching the Zoning Board.

Pat C. asked what Town officer or Board is responsible for asking the County to address the deplorable condition of the River Road caused by the winter conditions and the heavy Hawbaker truck traffic from last year which used both ends of River Road for their travel and not just the Presho end of River Road as they had indicated would be done. Pat was advised to contact Mr. Spagnoletti directly with his request. It was noted that a Bond was posted by Hawbaker for the Presho end of the River Road but none was posted for the southern end of the River Road.

A Motion to adjourn was made at 8:30 pm by Pat C., Seconded by Tim and passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Oberlander
Recording Clerk

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