Dog Control Changes

Town of Lindley Dog Control Changes

Effective September 1, 2010 the Chemung County Humane Society & SPCA, Inc. has assumed Dog Control services for the Town of Lindley, NY. Any dog control issues (nuisance dogs, strays, dog bites, etc) should be directed to them.

Contact information –

Chemung County Humane Society & SPCA, Inc.
2435 State Route 352
Elmira, NY 14903
(607) 732-1827 (phone)
607-732-6351 (fax)

At this time, all animal cruelty issues should still be directed to the Steuben County Humane officer- Scott Mazzo phone# 607-776-4682. We are currently reviewing the laws regarding handling of humane and cruelty issues to determine if Chemung County Humane Society can legally handle them as well and will advise further if there is any change.

In addition, there are several changes that will be taking place in 2011 regarding licensing of dogs for all municipalities in New York State. Once we have completed a review of those changes, residents will be notified of how those changes affect our town.

By order of Richard Biggio
Lindley Town Supervisor
September 1, 2010

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