Budget Workshops starting

The Town of Lindley Town Board will begin 2011 Budget Workshops at the next two Regular Board Meetings, starting October 13th, 2010. These workshops will occur in closed sessions. A Public Hearing will be held at a later date.

Town Clerks office closed due to flu

Town Clerks office will be closed today due to the flu. Please call and leave a message and the clerk will return your call as soon as possible. If you need a more timely response, please call one of your board members, contact info along sidebar. Thanks!

September 8 Board Meeting Minutes

The Regular Lindley Town Board Meeting was held September 8th, 2010 at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, PO Box 62 Lindley, New York 14858.Official Minutes held at Town Clerk’s Office

Town Board Members Present:
Richard Biggio – Town Supervisor
Lloyd DeMun, II - Councilman
Gerry Simcoe – Councilman
Paul Stermer – Councilman

Paul Mortzheim - Councilman

Attached:Agenda, Attendance list

• Meeting was called to order by Richard Biggio at @ 7:00pm.
• Pledge to the flag completed.
• Reports were received from Supervisor, Code Enforcement Officer, Town Clerk, Justice, and Town Historian.
• Minutes of the August meetings were accepted as corrected.

1. Delta will be putting in 9 traffic counters around the town to evaluate the roads. This will help engineers and lawyers understand use and matrix of roads to estimate cost for repairing damaged roads.
2. NYMIR is hosting a “safe snow-plowing course”.
3. The Office of the Comptroller has sent a reminder about how important audits are. They list several towns and cities with thousands of dollars lost to theft and poor auditing practices. The Town of Lindley will continue to prepare audits.
4. Introduction of Janice Volk, candidate for the NYS 29th District Congressional Seat. Janice shared her background:
• Lifelong Republican
• Lived in Alleghany County for 15 years.
• Has been a pilot for 17 years.
• Started the first Community Based Out Patient Clinic for Veterans in the area.
• Decided to run after becoming more and more frustrated with the current politicians.
• She is pro-life and believes tax dollars should not be used for abortions.
• Believes fiscal responsibility is necessary.
• Due to challenges to her petition by Tom Reed, she will be a write-in candidate because she does not have the funds to meet his challenge. Of the 118 signatures challenged, only 22 are not valid.
• When you vote, look for the heading of Congress, look straight down that column and find “write-in” and write her name.

Public Comments:
Fran Tempel – Has there been a decision regarding Library funding? Richard Biggio – not yet.
Kitty Pierce – Saturday September 18th is Old Home Day at Presho Church from 11-4. Several participants including Stateline, Fran T., Sally Orr, Brenda Criss have helped put this together.
Al Schoonover – Have obtained signatures on a petition but first want to say that the condition of Griswold Rd. is poor and the Town is losing a $23000 investment. With $100k in CHIPS money for 2010 could we see Griswold Rd saved before frost?

Also, the petition states “We the undersigned citizens of the Town of Lindley are in favor of and request the Lindley Town Board to put the following question on the next general election ballet: Should the office of “Superintendent of Highway” be an appointed position by the Town Council?”. Town Clerk received the 4 pages of signatures and will place them on file.

Al S. – would like a verbal affirmation from the Board members that next January, if Dick J. is interested in the appointment of Highway Superintendent, that they would appoint him. Gerry Simcoe – yes, Lloyd DeMun. – yes, Paul Stermer – yes, Richard Biggio – abstained.

Frank Hall – Why are some roads oiled and some not?
Dick Johnson – Trying to decrease costs to taxpayers. Will try to do main routes now with what we have budgeted.
Richard Biggio – Trying to expand original contract with Delta to include all roads. This would allow Town to figure costs for upgrades/repairs. We encourage residents to come to meetings to understand costs and budget.
Kitty Pierce – If people slowdown, dust would be more controllable.
Dick Pierce – used to use motor oil but illegal now. Dust is a safety issue now. When buses go by you can’t see.
Gerry Simcoe – State won’t change or enforce a decreased speed limit.

Old Business

Executive Session at 8:00 pm to discuss Library Funding, Union Negotiations, and Auditing requirements.
Return to Regular Meeting at 8:20 pm.

Regarding the Library Funding: Gerry Simcoe made the following motion: The Town Board agrees to provide the Library with $1000 per year contingent upon the Town of Lindley’s budget constraints, and furthermore reserves the right to increase or reduce this amount at the Town of Lindley Board’s discretion for the years 2011 through 2015. Lloyd DeMun, seconded, roll – all present agreed.
Motion Carried
Regarding Union Negotiations: Negotiations are ongoing.

New Business
Folding chairs surplus – these chairs are no longer needed. They are public property and could be auctioned off with sealed bids. They will be placed in the shed for the time being. Dick Pierce suggested auctioning off at a future Old Home Day event.
Al Schoonover – trust that you will act on the petition in a timely manner.
Dog Licensing – Responsibilities for all dog licensing is falling to the Town.
 Town Board is required to pass a resolution and local law regarding licensing, dog population control, rabies clinic. Must be in place by January 1, 2011.
 Al Schoonover suggested the town combine with other towns to save on materials and order in bulk.
 Chemung County SPCA is now Lindley’s contracted dog shelter. Dave Edmister is no longer the dog control officer. Richard Biggio stated there has yet to be a response from Scott Mazzo, the Steuben County Animal Cruelty officer regarding an abandoned dog at the Fire Hall.
 Cost for license tags is approximately $70 for 600. Richard Biggio will gather a packet for review to implement new law.
 Kathy Biggio indicated there are 181 dogs licensed in Lindley. Chemung CO. SPCA will do follow-up after initial renewal as part of contract.
 Gerry Simcoe suggested a dog census in the future.

Justice Audit – Last one done was August 26th 2009. A resolution needs to be passed and forwarded to Ann Pfau.
Banking – Kathy Biggio indicated she was planning to switch from Community Bank NA to Chemung Canal due to repetitive issues with Community Bank NA. Gerry Simcoe made the motion to discontinue using Community Bank NA and to move the Finance Officer’s banking to Chemung Canal effective immediately. Paul Stermer seconded. Roll – all present agreed.
Motion Carried
Dale A. Salisbury commented he didn’t understand the need to go into executive session for library vote.


Bills were reviewed. Gerry S. made the motion to pay the bills, seconded by Lloyd DeMun Roll – all present agreed.
Motion Carried

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Gerry Simcoe, seconded by Lloyd D. Roll – all present agreed. Meeting adjourned at 9:28 pm.
Motion Carried

Respectfully submitted,
Pam Clarkson Smith
Lindley Deputy Town Clerk

Dog Control Changes

Town of Lindley Dog Control Changes

Effective September 1, 2010 the Chemung County Humane Society & SPCA, Inc. has assumed Dog Control services for the Town of Lindley, NY. Any dog control issues (nuisance dogs, strays, dog bites, etc) should be directed to them.

Contact information –

Chemung County Humane Society & SPCA, Inc.
2435 State Route 352
Elmira, NY 14903
(607) 732-1827 (phone)
607-732-6351 (fax)

At this time, all animal cruelty issues should still be directed to the Steuben County Humane officer- Scott Mazzo phone# 607-776-4682. We are currently reviewing the laws regarding handling of humane and cruelty issues to determine if Chemung County Humane Society can legally handle them as well and will advise further if there is any change.

In addition, there are several changes that will be taking place in 2011 regarding licensing of dogs for all municipalities in New York State. Once we have completed a review of those changes, residents will be notified of how those changes affect our town.

By order of Richard Biggio
Lindley Town Supervisor
September 1, 2010