Planning Board Meeting Minutes August 16, 2010

Lindley Town Planning Board
August 16, 2010

The regular meeting of the Lindley Town Planning Board was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairperson, Mary Lentzen. Members present included Earl Titus, Pat Clark, Fran Woodring, and CEO, David Fuller. Three visitors were also present.

Minutes of the July 29, 2010 meeting were read. A Motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Earl, seconded by Fran W. and passed unanimously.

Fran W. asked if the Hawbaker trailer question was ever resolved? Dave said he is working on it.

Steve Ritter of the ZBA presented an application from Peggy Clark, 9603 Tannery Creek Road to place a three-car garage at the back of her nonconforming lot which would be 10 feet from the property line. The Board determined that the 10' setbacks are in compliance because the lot is a grandfathered undersized lot with setback requirements defined in Section 10.0.6 Existing Undersized Lots, #B4. The Board estimated the buildings' total square footage and calculated that adding the proposed building would exceed the 10% maximum density (about 16%). The non-compliance to the density schedule requires a variance. The Board is concerned with the ability of emergency vehicles to reach the new building which would be behind the existing house and garage. Otherwise, the Board is not concerned with the application since it is compatible with the neighboring area.

Catherine Pierce announced that Thursday, Aug. 19, 7:00 pm at the Lindley Town Hall will be an Old Home Days Planning meeting scheduled for Sept. 18, 11:00 – 4:00pm at the Lindley-Presho Methodist Church. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Discussion began on the last sections of the Comprehensive Plan (26-32). Dave is still working on a CUP check list. Kitty asked if the three new access roads, Stermer, Sawyer, and Mersereau, might be a chance for more development within the Town? The current Comprehensive Plan includes a map showing vacant lots under 2 acres. The current Plan states Conditional uses are not allowed for undersized lots so a single wide cannot currently be placed on an undersized lot. Mary asked if the Board should reconsider or enforce? Board suggested this question needs to be discussed. Regarding the section on Visual Assessment,“How far does the Town need to go?” The final section on Wet Lands is defined by other agencies but is reflected in the Lindley Zoning Law.

Mary stated the Board must now act on what was done. Mary's summary of the review up until tonight's portion was distributed to Board members who were asked to read it through for completeness. There are a number of things the Board will do with this information: make recommendations on updating the Comprehensive Plan, have the attorney review questionable sections, determine what changes may be needed to the Zoning Law and evaluate if re-zoning is needed.

A Motion to adjourn was made by Earl, seconded by Fran W. and unanimously passed at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice Oberlander
Recording Clerk

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