Audit Meeting Minutes 8/18/2010

The Lindley Town Audit Workshop was held on August 18th, 2010
Official Copy held at the Town Clerk’s Office

Richard Biggio - Town Supervisor
Gerry Simcoe – Councilman
Lloyd DeMun, II – Councilman
Paul Mortzheim – Councilman

Paul Stermer – Councilman

Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm. Pledge to Flag completed.


• Road Closing: Between CR 106 and CR 116 (River Rd and Church Crk) on September 1st and Sept 2nd.
• Don Sweezy: Indicated in call with Richard B. that rustification of bridgework was cost prohibitive, but we may be able to expect a sign that indicates Town of Lindley. No word yet on the Box Culvert issue.
• Kuhl Rd Bridge: this is considered a temporary bridge and the state plans to remove it in 2014. Richard B. will talk to Vince Spagnoletti.
• H.S.A: Kyle Kollhoff provided information, which will be placed in Councilman boxes for review.
• Delta and road costs: Delta will meet with Dick Johnson to determine road costs based on Dick’s costs re:materials and equipment. Richard B. will speak with Legal as well. Discussion: Paul M. indicated that the estimates may be on the conservative side and would like an unbiased opinion. Richard B. stated that the costs will need to be market value for the contract.
• Letter from Ann Pfau, Justice Department: Copy of the Town Resolution of the annual audit of Justice Financials has been completed. Richard B. will call for clarification. Gerry S. thought the audits were to be done monthly or quarterly.

Old Business

Board entered an Executive Session at 7:30 pm to discuss Library funding. Board returned to regular meeting at 7:38pm.

Discussion of frequency of Justice Books auditing. Richard B. will contact Legal Counsel to see what is sufficient for Town Board requirements.


Motion to accept Finance Director’s records for May and June 2010 made by Gerry S. Seconded by Lloyd DeMun Roll – all present agreed.
Motion Carried

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Paul S, seconded by Lloyd D. Roll – all present agreed.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk

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