May 15th Boat Launch

Eleventh Annual River Float
Lindley Launch Site to Mulholland Bridge, Erwin
Saturday, May 15, 2010

RAIN OR SHINE – CALL 962-5092 x 209 for instructions if conditions potentially unsafe.

To Lindley Launch Site, Town of Lindley: Take Route 15 South to the blinking light, turn left on Morgan Creek Road. At the bridge, turn left onto the dead-end road. The launch site is about 200 feet from the intersection.

To Mulholland Launch Site, Town of Erwin: Take Route 417 to Mulholland Road. Cross the bridge – the site is on the left near the USGS Gauging Station.

The Friends of the Chemung River Watershed is a not-for-profit organization of community volunteers whose mission is to protect, preserve and promote the watershed, and to improve economic resources, the quality of life and the natural environment for the residents of the Chemung River Watershed.

The Chemung Basin River Trail Partnership is a voluntary association of groups and government agencies at all levels working together to improve and maintain public access to the Chemung River and its tributaries and to promote watershed protection

6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. Paddlers arrive at the Lindley Launch Site and register. One driver from each group drives to Mulholland Bridge, to leave their car.

7:00 a.m. Breakfast begins for paddlers/drivers at the Lindley site. Paddlers do hands-on activities with an interactive Flood Model, presented by Janet Thigpen, STCRPDB Flood Mitigation Specialist.

8:00 a.m. Shuttle picks up drivers at Mulholland Bridge and returns to Lindley Launch site.

Shuttle service provided by Ammon Titus Bus Service, Lindley.

8:30 a.m. Safety talk, Jim Pfiffer, Friends Director; Program: “Stormwater Measures for the I-99 Construction Project,” Pauline Burnes, Regional Landscape Architect, Region 6 NYSDOT; and Unveiling the Kiosk and dedicating the Launch Site, state/local officials: Town Supervisor, Richard Biggio; NYSDEC; NYSDOT, Pauline Burnes; NYS Assemblymember, Jim Bacalles; (invited)

9:00 a.m. Launch from Lindley Launch site. David Buck, Endless Mountain Outfitters, is our experienced guide. He also has canoes/kayaks for rent – please reserve ahead of time. (See response form.)

Noon (approx.) Land at the Mulholland site.

Eleventh Annual River Float Response Form
I DON’T HAVE A BOAT…..please contact Endless Mountains Outfitters to rent a canoe or kayak:
I HAVE NEVER PADDLED ____ (Participants who have never paddled will be assigned a partner to ensure their safety and that their trip is fun!)
____ I will bring ____ kayak(s), _____ canoes(s) or other non-motorized + ____ life jacket(s).
____ I have space for a passenger.

Registration Fee / Insurance Fee: covers the cost of insurance for a paddling event through the Friends of the Chemung River Watershed as well as handouts and incidentals. Please complete the attached form.

____ Register _____ participants @ $7.00 per person …………………$___________
____ Reserve _____ breakfast(s) @ $5.00 per person…………………$___________
I agree to wear a suitable personal flotation device and carry a whistle when on or around the River. I understand that I need to wear clothing suitable for getting wet. I will bring my own water bottle to fill up at the Float.
1. Participant’s Signature:______________________________________________ Date:_______________
Participant’s Name (please print)______________________________________ Phone: ______________
I CAN BRING A CELL PHONE: (number) _____________________
2. Participant’s Signature:______________________________________________ Date: _______________
Participant’s Name (please print) ______________________________________ Phone: ______________
I CAN BRING A CELL PHONE: (number) _____________________

Interested in Geo-cacheing?? Check these out before the Float for clues.
PO Box Lindley GC1HYZZ (puzzle cache)
Scientific Equipment GC1VCWD
Patterson’s Rest GC1BG72 (puzzle cache)

Please return this form and payment made out to STCRPDB by May 12 to (payment appreciated):
Southern Tier Central Planning,
8 Denison Parkway East, Suite 310, Corning, NY 14830
Questions? Call Susan, STCRPDB, 607-962-5092
Payment is accepted on the day of the Float.
Registration fees are non-refundable unless the Float is canceled.
Call STC at 607-962-5092 extension 209 and listen for instructions.

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