Audit Meeting, December 16th 2009

The Lindley Town Audit Workshop was held on December 16th, 2009,at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, PO Box 62 Lindley, New York 14858.
Official Copy held at the Town Clerk’s Office

Gerry Simcoe - Town Supervisor
Paul Mortzheim – Councilman
Fran Tempel – Councilwoman
Lloyd DeMun, II – Councilman
Kathy Biggio – Finance Director

Paul Stermer – Councilman

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Notation was made that the original printout of the vouchers, with Councilman signatures, be provided at Audit Workshops by Finance Director starting in January, 2010.

The audit of the Finance Director’s records were completed through November 2009.

Meeting adjourned - 9:58 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk

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