Lindley Town Notary Publics

Megan Thistle, your Lindley Town Clerk, and Tracy Wilson, your Court Clerk-Justice-to-be, are now Notaries Public. Please check the sidebar for their respective office hours for your notary needs.

Future I-99 Blasting Continues

Blasting will continue this week in the hill behind the Town Hall, although specific days are undetermined at this time. Please be prepared. Some minor debris, loud noise, and dust clouds can be expected.

Gas Drilling Information Notebooks

Gas Drilling Information Notebooks are now available to look at in the Town Hall. Copies of the pages of your choosing are available at .25 per side. Thank you, Mary L., for providing these in-depth manuals!

Blasting Begins....

Coldspring Construction begins blasting the hillside today for I-99 around noon. Keep your head down!

November 10th 2010 Budget Public Hearing

The 2010 Budget Public Hearing was held on November 10th, 2009,at the Lindley Town Hall, 637 US 15, PO Box 62 Lindley, New York 14858.
Official Minutes held at the Town Clerk’s office

Town Board Members Present:
Gerald Simcoe – Town Supervisor
Lloyd DeMun, II - Councilman
Paul Mortzheim-Councilman
Paul Stermer-Councilman
Fran Tempel – Councilwoman

Meeting was called to order by Gerry Simcoe @ 7:10pm.
Pledge to the flag completed.
Motion to waive reading of the previous minutes made by Paul M. Seconded by Fran T. All agreed. Motion carried.

Gerry stated that reports had been received from Town Clerk, Supervisor, Code Enforcement Officer, Highway, Historian, and Justice.

Gerry made several announcements:
1. Cold Springs Construction will be blasting in mid November on the cuts behind the Town Hall and the former State Line Camping buildings.
2. The Girl Scout Troop is looking for community service projects. Contact Megan at the Town Hall.
3. Megan has passed her Notary Public exam and is currently waiting for the paperwork to finalize the process.
4. The Town Board has audited the Town Clerk’s records through September, 2009.
5. The Rte. 73 Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be Tuesday, November 17th at 1:00pm.

To: A1010.4 Board Contractual $17.65 Motioned by Fran T.
From: A1990.4 Contingency Seconded by Paul S
Roll – all agreed
Motion Carried

To: A1220.4 Supervisor’s $100.00 Motioned by Paul M.
From: A1310.4 Finance Officer’s account Seconded by Lloyd D.
Roll – all agreed
Motion Carried

To: A1410.4 Town Clerk’s Contractual $252.34 Motioned by Fran T.
From: A1330.4 Tax Collector - $228.48 Seconded by Lloyd D.
From: A1990.4 Contingency – 23.83 Roll – All agreed
Motion Carried

To: A8810.4 Cemetery - $106.60 Motioned by Paul M.
From: A1990.4 Contingency Seconded by Fran T.
Roll – all agreed
Motion Carried

To: A5010.4 - $57.54 Motioned by Paul M.
From: A5132.4 Seconded by Paul S.
Motion Carried

7:16 pm – Gerry S. opened the meeting to the 2010 Budget Public Hearing

Paul M. presented the line by line budget with overhead projector. Questions were received throughout.

Dale A. Salisbury asked what the total dollars spent was, so far in 2009, on Justice Department in order to take care of old tickets. Net income from tickets was $17,842.00 so far as compared to $2500.00 in the hole last year.

During the presentation, several issues were discussed. 1. Kathy Biggio, Finance Officer, will be resigning but assisting the new appointee when that person comes on board. 2. Budgeting for the Library in the future will require strong consideration. 3. The Fairview Cemetery ownership was a surprise this year and the Town didn’t have the money to provide for that ownership… the money is in reserve but the Town can’t utilize that money per state law.

At the end of the presentation, Dick Pierce commended Paul M. for doing an excellent job presenting the budget. Dick’s questions: 1. Does the Town Hall have room control for heating. Paul M. indicated that yes this was part of the Power Authority Grant utilized this year to make the utilities more efficient. 2. Dick asked what shape the State was in and do they tell the Town about the constraints. Paul M. indicated that starting in 2011 the Town has been told not to count on having CHIPS money. 3. Dick asked if the Town Board and Assessors work together and if they don’t they need to. Paul M. replied that there is no problem between the Town Board and the Assessors but no they don’t work together. Paul M. indicated that a re-val of town properties at this time would be of no value, with the highway project and gravel pits…. The re-val would be out of date within a year. Dick commented that the cost was prohibitive as well.

Dale S. asked if the Town was charged anything for Rte 73 Bridge. Gerry S. replied that initially the Town was told “a few thousand” and recently the Town was told it was responsible for $24 thousand.

Brad Drake asked what the percentage of lost revenue was. Paul M. indicated that many houses were removed for the highway, and the Wishing Well trailer park was $46 thousand that was lost to the town. The gravel pit contributes nothing as an industry in taxes to the Town. The property it sits on is now assessed at less than what it was when it had houses on it.

Dale S. stated for the record that when he asked for a review of property values he was told “sue us” when it was denied.

Fran Woodring asked if equipment on the gravel pit property increased the value of the property. Gerry Simcoe replied that a permit was needed. Dave Fuller stated that there was no structure. Gerry said a “footprint” was needed. Paul M. indicated that Caton gets revenues from gas wells and discussion on how this worked continued. Fran T. said she would contact someone in Caton and find out about this.

Additional discussion occurred about what other towns were doing and how to keep an eye on the NYS gas well projects. Discussion about how to interact with Hawbaker’s and perhaps get better deals on gravel. Paul M. indicated that while things started rough, there was no current animosity between the Town and Hawbakers.

Dale S. asked if there was grant money available to replace the CHIPS money.

Mary Lentzen indicated that NYS DEC had to do an Environmental Impact Study and was now waiting for public comments, then after that gas well applications could be processed.

Gerry Simcoe asked how many people came to the meeting because they heard the tax increase was going to be 15%. No one responded.

Dale S. asked if with a line item budget could money be transferred. Gerry S. indicated on an emergency basis.

Kim Clark asked about the $800 and the $400 for Seniors and Youth activities, respectively. Gerry S. indicated the Seniors went on an annual bus trip. Kim C. asked how Youth programs apply for the money available to them. Megan Thistle commented that she had asked one girl scout troop to pass the word around that there is money available to them. Discussion continued regarding deadlines, dollar amount guidelines per child, and spreading the word.

Gerry S. asked for a motion to pass the 2010 proposed budget. Fran Tempel made the motion, Lloyd DeMun seconded. Roll – Lloyd D. – yes; Fran T. – yes; Paul S. – yes; Gerry S. – yes; Paul M. – no.
Motion Carried.

Bills at 8:50pm:

Motion to pay bill made by Fran T.
Seconded by Lloyd D.
Roll – all yes
Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:11 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Megan Thistle
Lindley Town Clerk