Town Of Lindley Organizational Meeting January 13th

Annual Appointments approved:

1. Attorney - Kent Woloson
2.Official Newspapers - Corning Leader
3. Designate Bank - Chase/Community
4. Custodian - Cindy Stermer
5. Pay bills by certifications
6. Meeting Night - 2nd Tuesday of the month
7. Deputy Highway Supertindendent - Herb Eldridge
8. Deputy Supervisor - Gerry Simcoe
9. Registrar - Megan Thistle
10. Deputy Clerk,Tax Collector,& Registrar - Pam Clarkson, Kim Clark
11. Buy stamps & pay bills before due date
12. Chairman of Assessors - Guy Hill
13. Voting Machine Custodian - Larry Harris
14. Deputy Voting Machine Custodian - Leland Harris
15. Pay Officers Quarterly except Bookkeeper, Hwy Supt, & DCO, Town Clerk/Tax Collector
17. (1) Appeals Board - Steve Ritter
18. (3) Ethics Board - George Fleischman, Linda Grover, ?
20. Bookkeeper - Kathy Biggio
21. Give Supervisor 30 day extension to file Annual Report
22. To pay mileage 48 CENTS
23. Audit Supervisor, justice, Tclerk books 4th Monday of January
24. Historian - Catherine Pierce
25. Dog Control Officer - David Edmister
26. Code Enforcement Officer - David Fuller
27. Health Officer - Linda Smith, FNP
29. Planning Board Chairperson - Mary Lentzen
30. Southeast Steuben Library Trustee - Linda Swan
32. Interim Court Clerk - Tracy Wilson
33. Deputy Town Historian - Dick Pierce
34. Tech Support - Roger Steadman


1. Sally Orr discussed the action items the board members were planning on addressing in 2009. Sally shared that hers were the following:
  • Establish level of reserves
  • develop policies for officials
  • re-evaluate Comprehensive Plan
  • records management and space utilization

2. Jake raised the issue of looking into the cost for used equipment for Dick Johnson.

3. Sally asked for an update on the Power Authority grant and Gerry Simcoe indicated they were at the point where they needed to have the waiver regarding the town hall as a historical site before continuing. Sally indicated she has been leaving messages for the person responsible for this aspect of the grant.

4. Kitty Pierce indicated there would be a Historical Society Meeting on January 22nd.

5. Fran W. asked about the noise from the log skidder nearby and Dave Fuller indicated he had not found the people yet, in order to ask them about a muffler.


Bills were processed and approved. Meeting adjourned.

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