Watson Intersection/Connector Update

NYSDOT working in conjunction with town officials and the Lindley – Presho Fire Department determined re-directional/weight limit signage would “help” prohibit semi’s from using the Watson dog leg to enter/exit Rt. 15 at the base of the Connector.

The signage will re-direct northbound semi’s to Lindley Road and out on Morgan to Rt.15. Signage would prohibit southbound semi’s from turning left onto Watson. The goal was to prevent semi’s from using the Watson dog leg to enter/exit Rt. 15 significantly reducing conditions that would cause accidents or hang ups because of the tight radius of the curve on Watson.

If heavy truck traffic still continues despite prohibitive signage and attempts by law enforcement to discourage excessive truck traffic, DOT will assist Steuben County in determining the appropriate signing near the NY/PA border to guide, discourage and/or restrict trucks from proceeding north on old Rt. 15.

The Watson Intersection issue is an agenda item for the “End of Year Meeting” scheduled for December 29th at 7 p.m. at the Lindley Town Hall if anyone is interested. Also, vote in the poll regarding “safety issues with the Watson Intersection” or post a comment with your opinions and/or experiences.

Snow and ice removal on the Connector: To prevent the problems we had during the last snow storm a week ago, DOT added a second truck to remove snow and ice on the Connector/First Mile. Keep your fingers crossed the second truck will help keep the Connector clear during the impending storm due here tonight and tomorrow.

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