I-86/I-99 Intermunicipal Corridor Plan

I-86/I-99 Intermunicipal Corridor Plan

To provide a blueprint for a coordinated approach among the various municipalities to take advantage of economic development opportunities along the I-86/I-99 corridor.
Identify barriers to development and prepare action plans to address them in order to position key properties for future development.

Provide strategies for local communities and economic development agencies to use in working with developers and property owners to develop targeted vacant and under-developed parcels at the interchanges and along the corridor.

Support on-going partnerships between Three Rivers and the local municipalities to enhance business development opportunities, increase local tax base and create jobs.

Planning process: November 2008-May 2009
Draft plan: Mary 2009
To municipalities for individual adoption: June 30, 2009
Planed adoption at local level: July-September

Future Action:
Focus group meetings
Stakeholder Interviews
Concrete materials to provided in February.

The second meeting of the committee was held on December 9, 2008. Tim Shaddock and Fran Tempel attended as representatives of Lindley. We discussed the visions of the various communities and how the I-86/I-99 corridor might be beneficial to each town. We also provided the project managers with a list of land owners and community member who should be contacted for further input.

As for LindleyŹ½s development, we cited certain barriers:
The Comprehensive Plan which dictates that the town stay zoned agricultural/rural
The lack of infrastructure (water and sewer systems)
The steep slopes along the corridor which might make development difficult/impossible
The interchanges for Lindley are located at Presho and Lawrenceville, Pa., which does not provide quick access into the town of Lindley
Much of the area is inaccessible or located in floodplains

The map (see photo) indicates the preliminary boundary for the I-86/I-99 corridor as marked in red. It was presented to the Town Board of Lindley and the Planning Board for review and comment. If anyone has input, questions or comments please let Tim or Fran know and they will send it along to the committee at the next meeting in February.

Please Note: It is important to recognize that, as residents of Lindley, we are in charge of our own destiny concerning any I-99 Corridor development. This Committee will not be dictating any action or actions to the Town. The Committee, however, will be offering advice, marketing tools and other information for the Town to be utilized as it sees fit.

Tim Shaddock
Fran Tempel

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