Town Board Meeting Agenda-May 8, 2007

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge to the Flag
III. Minutes
IV. Announcements

1.) Bridge closing on River Road (Ct.73) near Manley Hill Road from May 7 to June 15. The road will be closed to replace an arch pipe with a concrete box culvert. There will not be an onsite detour.
2.)A Public Open House/Project Workshop will be held May 9, 2007 from 6 to 8 p.m. for the River Road (Ct.73) over Tioga River Bridge Reconstruction Project. Representatives from the Steuben County Department of Public Works, Project Consultants and the NYSDOT will be present to accept questions and comments. Aerial photographs and preliminary plans for the project will be available for public viewing.
3.)Jim Lundgren decided he will not be able to mow the Lindsley Burying Gound this season. Members of the Town Board are actively searching for lawn mowing contractors to bid on the job.
4.)Kyle Kollhoff has taken a fulltime position with a company and will not be able to paint the trim on the Town Hall. Members of the Town Board are actively searching for contractors to bid on the job.
5.)The Five-Year Plan Committees will report their recommendations and findings (if concluded) at the June 11, 2007 Town Board Meeting.
Investment Committee: Chair Sally Orr and Committee member Kathy Biggio. Investigating potential revenue possibilities through investing, direct sales tax payments and grants.
Re-val Committee: Chair Paul Mortzheim and Committee members Kathy Biggio, Harry Pierce and Brenda Criss. Investigating re-val process and resulting tax implications to determine negatives/ benefits to Town and individuals.
Property Uses Committee: Chair Gerry Simcoe and Committee member Mary Lentzen. Identifying property uses the Town should encourage to generate revenue.
Revitalizing Farm Land Committee: Chair Paul Stermer and Committee member Ken McKillip. Investigating alternate uses to get more agricultural land working.
Highway Committee: Chair Sally Orr and Committee member David Woythal. Studying cost of materials, labor and property tax implications to improve Town roads over a five year timeframe.
Clean up and Town Code Enforcement Policy Committee: Chair Jake Gross and Committee members Dave Fuller CEO and Steve Ritter. Determine potential benefits of program(s) that encourage clean up/renovation of properties and define Town code enforcement policy.

V. New Business

Glenn O. Hawbaker Mine Site: Background—The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) is requiring Hawbaker, who is acting on behalf of DEC, to provide documentation of their efforts to “fully explore all feasible and prudent alternatives and give due consideration to feasible and prudent plans which avoid or mitigate adverse impacts on such property,” pursuant to Section 14.09 of the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law.

Hawbaker is formally offering the donation of the four (4) barns and one (1) tobacco barn to the Town of Lindley. Hawbaker will dismantle and transport the barns to Town property at Hawbaker’s expense. It would be the Town’s responsibility to reconstruct the barns. If private citizens within the Town would like to purchase the barns, Hawbaker would be receptive to offers.

If the Town does not accept the offer of the barns, Hawbaker is prepared to sell the barns to Lignum-Vitae, a Middlebury, Vermont company that specializes in the purchase and reconstruction of the barns on private properties throughout New England. This approach was selected by Hawbaker as preferable to the demolition of the barns. The farmhouse will be razed.

Note: The barns in question are located on the Youngs Farm property on River Road, the proposed site of the Hawbaker sand and gravel mine. Also, Hawbaker has permitted the Town to advertise the sale of the barns to interested citizens of the Town of Lindley for 30 days, ending advertisement June 30, 2007.

1.) Motion to approve the donation of the four (4) barns and one (1) tobacco barn from Glenn O. Hawbaker to the Town of Lindley.

2.) Acceptable Training for Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Members Resolution (Note: Motion not defined at this writing.)

3.) Motion to approve $___________ premium payment for Town insurance.

4.) Motion to approve bid submitted by Don’s Flooring for $700.00 that includes material (5 boxes new VCT, 8 feet rubber reducer, bucket of glue, 20’-1/4 round molding) and labor for floor replacement in lobby of Post Office.

VI. Updates

1.) Fran Woodring will update status of “U.S. 15 first mile” construction project.
2.) Veteran’s Project

VII. Audience
VIII. Audit Bills
IX. Adjournment

Note: Agenda subject to change before Town Board Meeting.